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Allie Beth Stuckey Takes On Equal Pay Day In Epic Tweet Thread

By  Ashe Schow

It’s Equal Pay Day, a made up day during which each year the media and Democrat politicians falsely claim women are discriminated against because their average earnings aren’t the same as a man’s average earnings.

They persist in this lie year after year, even though the claim that women are paid less for doing the same work has been debunked thoroughly and repeatedly. As I’ve written too many times to count, women earn less on average than men because they make different choices about the careers they take, what they major in, the hours they work, and, most importantly, whether they drop out of the workforce after having a child.

Now, I’m tired of writing this over and over again because people like Hillary Clinton and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) will never give up the lie since it gets them political points. Instead, I’m going to let “Relatable” podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey’s tweets explain the difference between the “uncontrolled wage gap” and the “controlled wage gap.” They’re terms I don’t use, so finally, I have a new angle on the issue.

“The uncontrolled wage gap is what you see referenced by feminists. That is $.79 on the dollar. And it is true. The *average* woman makes $.79 to every $1 the *average* man makes,” Stuckey tweeted Tuesday morning. “But this gap does not consider what KIND of job is being worked, how many hours, education, etc.”

She goes on to explain what I have numerous times: That the raw “wage” gap doesn’t take into account factors like education, hours, and others.

“The controlled wage gap considers factors. Education, hours worked, position held, etc. When all factors are exactly the same, women make $.999999… to every $1 a man makes, which is within the margin of error,” Stuckey tweeted.

The Independent Women’s Forum suggests this controlled gap is about 2 cents, but it depends on what study one is citing.

“The controlled wage gap still doesn’t account for factors like negotiation skill or end of year bonuses for job performance. There is no evidence whatsoever that women are paid less than men as a rule. At all,” Stuckey continued.

Stuckey then shoots down modern feminists’ natural retort: That women aren’t really choosing their careers but are being forced into them by societal stereotypes.

“In some cases, sure. Single moms working multiple jobs certainly don’t have it easy. But (and here’s the kicker feminists hate acknowledging), women *in general* are simply innately more likely to choose to work less than men. That’s right. I said innately. Deal with it,” Stuckey tweeted.

The podcast host then mentioned something admirers of Sweden’s feminist government ignore: That even with policies that were supposed to close the wage gap, the gap still exists.

“Sweden mandates 480 parental leave days for both men and women in an effort to eliminate the gap. And yet the gap remains,” Stuckey tweeted.

What’s left out of this tweet is that men took fewer parental leave days than women even when given the option. Sweden also has a policy of allowing parents of children too young for school to work shorter hours. Again, women take advantage of this policy far more than men.

Stuckey closes her tweet thread by pointing out the different majors women choose in college and how that corresponds to salary, and again pushes back on the claim that society forces women into choosing social work over engineering.

Finally, just as I have been saying for years, Stuckey concludes her tweet thread by saying “MEN AND WOMEN ARE INNATELY DIFFERENT & THUS MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES WITH DIFFERENT CONSEQUENCES.”

How many more times must this be said before the Left gives up the lie?

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