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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Debate Her Economics Professor Opponent

Democratic congressional nominee and self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has agreed to debate her Republican Congressional opponent, Dr. Anthony Pappas.

According to a press release from the Pappas campaign, the debate has been arranged and will be hosted by Queens Latino, a local spanish-speaking newspaper. The debate is tentatively set to occur at a school auditorium.

Pappas, who is an Associate Professor in Economics and Finance at St. John’s University’s Peter J. Robin College of Business, plans to confront Ocasio-Cortez on her endorsement of socialism.

“‘Professor vs Student’ of economics, this debate will offer the first glimpse of the major party candidates as they go head-to-head in the November 6th general election,” the release said.

In an interview with the Daily Wire, the campaign stressed that the Pappas — who is running for his first time — is a “moderate, independent Republican who is the alternative to the socialist candidate.”

The campaign also said Pappas hopes to confront Ocasio-Cortez on her belief that Israel is occupying ‘Palestine,’ and her recent claim that Puerto Rico is a “still a colony of the United States.”

Pappas’ campaign motto is: “Sensible solutions for a kinder, caring world.”

“Pappas is adamantly opposed to [socialism] because it is not an economic model that has worked in world history,” the campaign said. “She is far away from any rational plan of action or solution.”

The Pappas campaign also complained about the lack of media coverage he has received in comparison to Ocasio-Cortez. “[H]er Republican opponent has been denied fair coverage with stories that rarely mention him,” the release said.

Although only one debate has been scheduled so far and the exact date is still pending, the Pappas campaign hopes to have four debates.

The campaign also added that they have been receiving support from all around the country and have been gaining more volunteers in recent weeks.

Both candidates will compete for New York’s 14th congressional district seat on November 6.