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Alex Jones Thinks 9/11 Was A False Flag, But Not The Alexandria Shooting

By  Jacob Airey

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has made broad claims about certain mass shootings and military operations, describing them as false flags. For those who prefer baseball caps to tin foil hats, a “false flag” is an operation carried out by a covert organization or nation that is meant to frame an entity for an incident for propaganda reasons.

According to several articles on his InfoWars media outlet, Jones is taking Wednesday’s assault on the Congressional Republican baseball team practice at face value. Instead of claiming a fake government conspiracy, he is focusing on the media’s coverage of the shooting.

Jones is a key figure in the “9/11 truther” movement, claiming that the government of the United States played some sort of role in the Al Qaeda bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He served as executive producer of Loose Change, a documentary that promotes the false flag theory.

A quick search on the InfoWars website of “false flag” yields results blaming conspiracies for incidents like the Manchester bombing and the Syrian gas attack.

Despite this, Jones’ media outlet seems to be on board with the idea that a crazy left-wing supporter was behind this week’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia.

InfoWars reporter Paul Joseph Watson writes on the website,

Congressman Steve Scalise was shot this morning in a politically motivated “targeted attack” by a leftist who deliberately sought out Republicans.

There is no hesitation, sarcasm, or doubt in the lead in to the story. He continues:

According to RSC Chair Rep. Mark Walker, who was at the scene, the gunman, “Was there to kill as many Republican members as possible….”

This strongly suggests that the shooting was a terrorist attack carried out by an anti-Trump leftist.

In another article, he confirms the identity of the shooter without making any claims of a conspiracy.

Jones, for his part, seems to support this opinion. He is disregarding the idea of a false flag operation completely from Wednesday’s incident. He is calling the live episode of his show covering the shooting: Republicans Targeted by Leftist Gunman Amid Baseball Practice. He released a segment on his YouTube where he said, “These people are whacked out of their brains,” talking about leftists like the Virginia shooter.

He blamed the “globalist” (a frequent enemy of Jones) saying that mass arrests should happen if anyone threatens the life of President Trump. He claimed that he warned about the possibility of this incident, saying, “I don’t want to brag, but I am on target like a laser-guided missile.”

Jones recently posited on his show that the recent London Bridge attack by a radical jihadist was a false flag operation to distract the populace.

Jones has received the most criticism for categorizing the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting as a false flag. He made the claim that the globalists staged the incident in order to promote gun control.

That controversy has been stirred up again following the announcement that NBC anchor Megyn Kelly would interview Jones for her new program. Millions of viewers have stated their disaffection regarding the interview.

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