Aftermath Of The Abuse Of Power


This month I was joined on my show by Dr. Robert Malone, one of the inventors behind mRNA technology and a fierce critic of lockdown mentality and the public health establishment.

You can and should watch the interview in full, available exclusively on The Daily Wire. We talk about the newest scare from Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and the public health establishment: Monkeypox. And we discuss what’s next in terms of public health for our country and our world after a disastrous handling and abuse of public health over Covid-19. 

My Baby Girl—A True Survivor 

As we spoke about these topics—there’s nearly an hour of us talking—I started to think of my little girl, in my womb, and how I have six weeks of pregnancy left. 

Of course, I thought about how excited and elated I am to meet her. 

But I was also thinking about what I will one day tell her about this time and the craziness of our world while she was in my womb. 

How many “world events,” as the media would have you believe, she survived during this period. 

First, we had Covid-19. With the masks, and the lockdowns, and the hysteria. One vaccine. Two vaccines. Three vaccines. And don’t forget boosters. 

I received none of the vaccines and I subscribed to none of the hysteria, and my little girl, and I, survived. She survived. 

Then, Ukraine came. And we were talking about the possibility of another World War — one which my daughter, potentially, would have had to weather. 

Well, that scare, at least for now, is gone. And she still remained happy in my womb, not a care in the world. 

Then, we quickly moved to hysteria around abortion, with the leak of the Roe v. Wade decision, which still has yet to be officially released. Women were going to be placed once again under the thumb of the patriarchy, and this was the end of human rights as we know it. Or so that’s what the media said, at least.

You must, at once, march in the streets to stop it, they said. My daughter and I declined. And, once again, she survived another “world ending” event. 

Now — six weeks before my daughter is born — we have the Monkeypox scare. There have been a few outbreaks among particular groups, but already the Biden administration — and therefore their media lapdogs — decided to stoke fear about it. 

In other words, my daughter will have to survive one more vast public health “emergency” and panic before she enters the world once and for all. 

What a crazy nine months for her, and for us, right? A whole nine months and there have been world ending emergencies nearly every month along the way. 

At least per the legacy media, activists, and globalists.

The Never-Ending Fear Crisis

I see things differently. Over the 32 weeks that my daughter has been in the womb, there have been a number of threats. And my daughter survived those too. 

But the threats are not what you’d expect. The threats come from the exact same people professing they will save us from current “emergencies.”

Dr. Robert Malone in our interview — again, go watch — said it well. “It does seem like we go from fear crisis to fear crisis to fear crisis, on almost a continuous basis, weaponized by these legacy media outlets globally. And a case can be made that that is part of a scheme to control the population.”

I’ll tell my daughter, when she’s old enough to hear, how she weathered the threats of authoritarianism. How she weathered the attempts at globalism. How she weathered the attempts of a small group of elitists trying to impact every area of our life through global governance. 

It’s true — the real threat comes from individuals like Bill Gates, who coincidentally predicts and benefits from the “solutions,” i.e., vaccines for pandemics. The real threat comes from the World Health Organization encouraging sanctions, as Dr. Malone related, on countries which don’t follow their “public health” edicts. The real threat comes from individuals in the media and elsewhere who have figured out how to monopolize and weaponize public health for their own benefit and viewership. 

That’s what we are up against today, and these are the sorts of emergencies and dangers that my daughter faced while in the womb. 

Aftermath of the Abuse of Power

The perpetrators of these ongoing threats also mishandled two years of COVID-19 — and that mishandling carries serious consequences moving forward. They effectively undermined their own authority and destroyed any credibility that may have remained.  

One prescription Dr. Malone suggested for those who have contracted Monkeypox — if you were potentially at one of the gay parties which spread it — is to quarantine for 25 days and “test and trace” individuals for it. 

Of course, no need for lockdowns or masks, or any such nonsense. 

But, he did say it would be wise to quarantine for 25 days if you contracted it.  

What was my immediate reaction to this recommendation? No. I’m not going to do that. Because why? Because, with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the schemes of elites to destroy national sovereignty at all costs, I no longer trust the public health establishment. I have zero tolerance for their words or recommendations. 

They crossed a line and it doesn’t sit right with me. You can already see the Biden administration walking back their Monkeypox rhetoric. Why? Because it’s not popular. People aren’t going for it. People are done with it. 

And that’s the natural reaction after such abuse and monopolization of the public health conversation. 

The problem is — and this is something that Dr. Malone points out — what happens when there needs to be a coordinated public health response? How do you repair the credibility behind officials making public health decisions after it was ravaged by globalists, politicians, and the like looking for a power grab? 

Whatever the answer, it’s clear there needs to be a new path forward that doesn’t encourage fear. 

As Dr. Malone said, it’s clear that Bill Gates isn’t an expert in public health, because, what does he do? He leads with fear. 

And that’s the last thing we all need to do when discussing public health. As Dr. Malone expressed it, “I hope that with our discussion and with what I’ve written and the many media appearances I’ve given over the last week that we can help calm the waters and encourage people to not overreact, not be fear-driven, on both sides of the fence, for those that are supporters of these more totalitarian health measures and those who have come to lose faith in public health.” 

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