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Rutgers Holds ‘Support’ Session for ‘Traumatized’ Student Activists Who Crashed Conservative Event

After crashing an event hosted by a conservative student group, smearing themselves with fake blood, and vandalizing school property, a group of Social Justice student activists at Rutgers were invited to meet with sympathetic professors and school officials to discuss their traumatic experience and receive “support” from the school.

The incident that so “traumatized” the students was a speech by Breitbart‘s Milo Yiannopoulos on “How the Progressive Left is Destroying Education,” hosted by Young Americans for Liberty (video above). Early on in the talk, feminists and Black Lives Matter activists stood up in the jam-packed auditorium and began shouting in protest. Some of the activists smeared fake blood on their faces. After being drowned out by shouts of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” the activists stormed out of the room, most of them giving the other students the bird. On their way out of the building, they reportedly smeared the blood on windows and walls.

In response to the embarrassing episode, The Daily Targum reports that the school hosted a “support” group, not for the conservative students whose event was disrupted, but for the crybully activists:

“We are here to show support,” was repeated by nearly every person in the crowd as they introduced themselves at a forum to discuss Milo Yiannopoulos’s visit to Rutgers last week.

Students and faculty gathered in the Paul Robeson Cultural Center on Busch campus to generate dialogue about Yiannopoulos’s visit and the protest that occurred during his lecture. A variety of different organizations and departments were present to listen, answer questions and show support.

The collection of students, faculty and staff shared about their terrible experience crashing the event to disrupt the experience of other students and curtail the free speech of the speaker. They also “look[ed] for resolutions” and asked questions “regarding the legal aspects of holding a protest” and how the administration should respond.

“Students described feeling scared, hurt and discriminated against following Yiannopoulos’s visit,” the campus paper notes.

“It is upsetting that my mental health is not cared about by the University,” one student said at the support session. “I do not know what else to do for us to be heard for us to be cared about. I deserve an apology, everyone in this room deserves an apology.”

Another student told the paper that they “broke down crying” after the humiliating protest attempt, while another said he felt “scared” to walk on campus the next day because, as many students agreed, the campus felt “unsafe.”

Breitbart News notes that, so far, there’s no indication that any of the activists responsible for vandalizing school property has been disciplined.

The Daily Targum listed some of those who attended the Social Justice solidarity meeting:

Representatives from the Rutgers University Police Department, the Office of Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance, Counseling, Alcohol and other Drug Assistance Program and Psychiatric Services and the Bias Prevention and Education Committee were present. Members from the Black Student Union, the Asian American Cultural Center, Center for Latino Arts and Culture, College Student Affairs and many more were also in attendance.

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