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Afghan Vet Joey Jones Reflects On Memorial Day In Raw Twitter Thread: ‘I Can’t Drink Anymore’

"How do I look upon a man with honest eyes, knowing I’m here breathing, laughing, complaining and he’s lying dead beneath … us."
Johnny Jones
Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Afghan veteran Johnny “Joey” Jones posted a raw, powerful message to Twitter on Saturday, reflecting on the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and paying tribute to his fallen brothers.

Jones, a Marine vet who lost both legs above the knee and suffered serious damage to his right forearm and both wrists in 2010 when he served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD/Bomb) technician in Afghanistan, detailed why he “can’t drink” anymore, haunted by the memories of those who fought for our freedom and never made it back home.

“I can’t drink anymore,” Jones posted in a Twitter thread. “When I do, the ghosts show up. They put their arm on my shoulder, look at me, body parts missing, faces half blown off. They smile with what is left of their smile. They look at me with wisdom I can’t fathom and hold me with love I can’t understand.”

“I just can’t face them,” the veteran continued. “How do I look upon a man with honest eyes, knowing I’m here breathing, laughing, complaining and he’s lying dead beneath my… us. I can’t have that tough conversation with any of them. The one where I tell them I miss them. Where I say I’m sorry and they reply ‘for what?’ The conversation where they ask me about their kids-toddlers then, adults now-their widows.. some remarried and happy, some drowning in sorrow and regret.”

“I can’t look upon their faces and keep a dry eye,” Jones wrote. “So when I drink, and my brothers come, I cry. I get angry. I see visions of hell and feel resentment for heaven. I see spoiled children laughing around me, the lucky ones who haven’t seen behind those curtains, the many. I hate them for their ignorance, I hate I didn’t die when I should’ve to keep them that way. So I don’t drink.”

“Instead,” he closed, “I smile. I Remember them as they were. I watch their kids grow and find love and speak their names and tell their stories as often as I can.”

Jones specifically mentioned the following fallen heroes: GYSGT Floyd Holley, SSGT David B. Lyon, SSgt Joey Fankhauser, SSgt Steve Dunning, Nick Sprovtsoff, Dan Patron, EJ Pate, Dave Day, Justin Schmalstieg, Top Fedder, Chris Eastman, Adam Perkins, Chris Eckard, Adam Benjamin, Daniel Greer, and Chris McDonald.

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