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ADAMS: Why I Have To Debate ‘Christian’ Serial Killers

As one of only a handful of outspoken Christian professors teaching at a secular university in America, I am often forced to do things I do not want to do. On February 21st (at 7 p.m. in the UNC-Wilmington Warwick Center Ballroom), I will debate a self-proclaimed Christian who has intentionally killed over 10,000 innocent human beings. If you are wondering why I have to do such a thing, the answer is pretty simple: Because someone has to do the hard work neglected by cowardly local pastors and campus ministers who have allowed abortion to be normalized in Christian Culture.

Those words may seem harsh but they are true. The evidence of their veracity is the wave of self-proclaimed Christians who are now publicly saying that abortion is not just acceptable but is also a moral good. John Pavlovich, Rebecca Todd Peters, and Dr. Willie Parker are just a few of those who advocate intentionally killing innocent human beings in the name of Jesus.

Such hubris would not be possible without a moral vacuum in the church on this profoundly important moral issue. Obviously, such a vacuum could never develop were it not for so-called Christian leaders ignoring the issue for so many years. While such pastors have been silent on the issue of abortion, the arrogance of pro-abortion progressives who claim to be Christian continues to grow. There is no better example of such arrogance than Willie Parker who will be my debate opponent on February 21st. Here are just a few examples of Parker’s brazen attempts to reconcile abortion with Christianity:

  • In his book, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice, Parker says, “I believe that as an abortion provider I am doing God’s work.” He also adds, “I am sure of the righteousness of my path.”
  • Parker (who demands that his speaking hosts buy him first class airplane tickets) compares himself to St. Paul traveling and speaking the “truth of reproductive rights.” Similarly, he calls the late partial birth abortionist George Tiller by the reverential name of “St. George.” He also has a letter from Tiller hanging on his office wall next to a picture of Jesus.
  • After saying that abortion is mentioned nowhere in the Bible (much like child pornography), Willie Parker says, “There is no ‘right’ interpretation of Scripture anyway.”
  • After saying he was inspired to become an abortion doctor by the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Parker says, “I decided to exercise Christian compassion not by proxy but with my own capable hands.” For those interested, I made a video responding to Parker’s interpretation of how this particular parable relates to abortion, which you can access on this link.

While most Christians have been apathetic on this issue, the other side is increasingly vocal. In fact, they are now literally “shouting out” their abortions. In this video, Willie Parker can be seen laughing and applauding after the emcee at a “Shout Your Abortion” event boasts about wanting to “yelp” her “best” abortion. The fact that a Seattle crowd goes wild with approval is in no way surprising. It’s Seattle, after all. But when the “Christian” abortionist gets caught up in the frenzy one begins to wonder, “Where is the response from Christian leaders?”

Indeed, the silence from most Christians is stunning. It reminds me somewhat of accounts I have heard of many German churches’ failure to respond to the Nazi Holocaust. In some cases, the trains carrying Jews to the ovens would pass right by the churches on Sunday mornings. The loaded train cars would be so close when they passed that congregants could hear the cries of Jewish women and children. So the congregants just sang louder in order to drown out their voices. An account of this was made into a short movie in 2015 in order to highlight the apathy of American Christians toward the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

Of course, something similar is happening in America on the issue of abortion. Pro-lifers are increasingly using images and starting conversations as a way of defending the unborn. But most churches respond by simply turning up their fog machines and amplifiers. They don’t want to see what abortion is. They don’t even want to hear about it.

In the final analysis, the so-called Christian abortionist does more than just destroy individual human bodies. His viability demonstrates that most churches have become useless appendages in the Body of Christ.

Mike S. Adams is a criminology professor, the author of Letters to a Young Progressive, and a columnist at Townhall and the Daily Wire. Follow him on Twitter @MikeSAdams.

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