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ADAMS: White Birth Privilege

Lately, I have been hearing a lot about white male privilege. In fact, just this week a feminist named Lucy got upset with me for using my “white male privilege” to decry abortion in several of my posts on social media. Specifically, she was concerned that I was trying to “use (my) privilege to control women’s bodies.” But Lucy fails to understand that she is also a beneficiary of a special privilege. I call it White Birth Privilege, by which I am specifically referring to:

The fact that white people are less likely to be aborted and therefore have greater access to society’s legal and political institutions.

The thing that hypocritical pro-abortion leftists like Lucy fail to understand is that Roe v. Wade has wiped out 22% of the unborn population since it enshrined abortion in the Constitution back in 1973. As an entitled millennial, she is fortunate to be among the 78% of people in her generation who have survived Roe v. Wade. So she should not be lecturing other people on their privilege, given the fact that she is a beneficiary of the greatest possible privilege – a privilege without which she would have no ability to deliver condescending lectures on any topic whatsoever.

Lucy’s birth privilege is compounded by the fact that she is white. Although so-called non-Hispanic whites are over 60% of the population, they make up only about half of those aborted. In contrast, blacks are only about 12% of the population but account for around 38% of those aborted in America.

So how does Lucy use her white birth privilege? She uses it by going out on social media and speaking in favor of a practice that results in the disproportionate execution of those who lack her privilege. In the process of exercising this privilege, she is inadvertently joining hands with her political adversaries – including those who oppose open borders and the so-called browning of America. She may well favor open borders immigration policies in the name of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. But her position on abortion is decidedly racist.

Unfortunately for Lucy, she is no longer in a position where she can credibly deny her racism. Her fellow leftists have long abandoned the concept of individual racism and placed an emphasis on so-called institutional racism. The reason for that is obvious:

As time goes by, there are fewer and fewer actual individual racists in America. Thus, the definition of racism has to be changed in order to help Democrats win votes and help “woke” millennials win friends on social media.

And, make no mistake about the fact that abortion is an example of institutional racism. For those unfamiliar with the term, here is a succinct definition:

Institutional racism refers to the ways in which political, cultural and social institutions impact people differently depending on their race.

Leftists have long referred to the disproportionate arrest of blacks as an example of institutional racism. Blacks are only 12% of the population but make up over one-third of all arrests. And according to the definition of institutional racism, proving intent is not necessary to prove racism.

If leftists have any desire to be intellectually honest, they must begin to refer to the disproportionate abortion of blacks as another example of institutional racism. As I mentioned previously, blacks are only 12% of the population but make up well over one-third of all abortions. And once again, according to the definition of institutional racism, proving intent is not necessary to prove racism.

Since institutional racism is a term that has been growing in popularity for about fifty years, I prefer using something more modern to describe specific examples of the phenomenon. That is why I decided to coin the term White Birth Privilege. I sincerely hope it catches on.

In a future column, I will also explore White Feminist Privilege. This concept explains why Democrats adopt policies favored by women even though they decimate black communities in far greater numbers than the KKK decimated them during their post-Woodrow Wilson revival.

In the meantime, please join together with pro-lifers and use your birth privilege to negate the unintended racism of so-called pro-choice progressives. In other words, show the world that you are more tolerant, inclusive, and “woke” than sanctimonious hypocrites like Lucy.

Mike S. Adams is a criminology professor, the author of Letters to a Young Progressive, and a columnist at Follow him on Twitter @MikeSAdams.

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