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Adam Schiff Predictably Wants Barr Fired After Misreading Washington Post Story

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), never one to miss an opportunity to stoke hatred against the Trump administration, is calling for Attorney General William Barr to resign for allegedly lying to Congress.

Schiff’s call came shortly after The Washington Post published an article detailing a letter sent from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Barr just days after the attorney general released a summary of the investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

Mueller said in his previously undisclosed March 27 letter to Barr that the attorney general’s summary “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of the special counsel’s investigation. This was enough to send Democrats like Schiff and their media allies into a frenzy.

“I think his statement is deliberately false and misleading, and yes, most people would consider that to be a lie,” Schiff told CBS Wednesday morning, referring to Barr’s previous testimony before congress. “Look, there’s no sugar coating this, I think he should step down. It’s hard, I think, for the country to have confidence in the top law enforcement official in the country if he’s asked a direct question as he was and he gives a directly false answer, so this is serious business.”

During Barr’s previous testimony before the House appropriation subcommittee shortly after he released his summary of Mueller’s report, the attorney general was asked if the special counsel found his summary lacking. Barr responded that he didn’t know what Mueller thought of his summary. This testimony came after Mueller sent Barr the letter about context, which is why Democrats are pouncing now.

But if these Democrats, including Schiff, read the full Post article, they would see that Mueller did not intend his letter to be criticism of Barr, but of the media’s misreporting of it. A Justice Department spokeswoman told the Post that Mueller and Barr had a 15-minute, “cordial and professional conversation” after Barr received the letter. During that call, the spokeswoman said, “the Special Counsel emphasized that nothing in the Attorney General’s March 24 letter was inaccurate or misleading.”

“But, he expressed frustration over the lack of context and the resulting media coverage regarding the Special Counsel’s obstruction analysis,” she added. “They then discussed whether additional context from the report would be helpful and could be quickly released. However, the Attorney General ultimately determined that it would not be productive to release the report in piecemeal fashion. The Attorney General and the Special Counsel agreed to get the full report out with necessary redactions as expeditiously as possible.”

This, of course, was lost on Schiff, who for years has been claiming that he has “evidence” that Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia — evidence that apparently Mueller missed in his two-year, $25 million-plus investigation with all the tools of the federal government at his fingertips.

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro summed up Democrat outrage:

Here’s the reality. Democrats are angry at Mueller for not recommending obstruction charges, but they want to sell their votive candles on eBay, so they won’t hit Mueller. Instead, they’ll misdirect to Barr, then claim a cover-up that hasn’t happened. And Mueller would prefer that Barr be hit for declining to prosecute over Mueller himself being hit for – wait for it – declining to prosecute, which is effectively what Mueller did.

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