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Actual Newsweek Headline: ‘Donald Trump’s Hair Flaps In The Wind, Revealing His Scalp’

By  Paul Bois

Newsweek has given up even trying to masquerade as a serious and nonpartisan source of news.

When boarding Air Force One last Friday, the 71-year-old President Trump’s hair got caught in the wind of the jets, allowing cameras to see the back of his scalp. Yes, Newsweek actually deemed this worthy of an article, complete with the headline: “WATCH: DONALD TRUMP’S HAIR FLAPS IN THE WIND, REVEALING HIS SCALP”

The article, written by Tufayel Ahmed, described the image as searing, something unable to be unseen:

OK, once you see this footage, you’ll never be able to unsee it. So, like the blue pill and the red pill in The Matrix, make your choice now. Because there’s no turning back.

On Wednesday, footage circulated of President Donald Trump’s hair flapping in the wind as he boarded Air Force One last Friday. The windy conditions caused Trump’s famous mane to become disheveled, revealing what appears to be significant bald patches.

Focusing on a 71-year-old’s balding is the type of thing late-night hosts with a “degree of intelligence,” like Jimmy Kimmel, do — which is why Kimmel dedicated a whole segment to it.

“This is why Darth Vader had the good sense to wear a helmet,” Kimmel said on his program.

Seth Meyers also got in the action. “Wow, dude. Well I guess there’s one draft you couldn’t dodge,” he said, though he had the honesty to admit the hit was “petty.”

Some Twitter users also likened the President to the LOTR creature Gollum:

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