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Actor John Cusack Calls For A Coup Against Trump In Unhinged Twitter Rant

On Tuesday night, actor John Cusack called for a coup against President Donald Trump, whom he called “ill, deranged and dangerous” and likened to a Nazi.

“Let’s go to streets -Who owns the streets? Civil disobedience,” posted Cusack. “Require the government to leave if you are not satisfied with it. We need to kick Trump out of the office now He’s ill, deranged and dangerous. He’s putting children in cages – f**k the Nazi s- shut them down.”

Cusack continued to call for Trump’s removal and accused the current administration of placing illegal immigrant children in cages at the South border. Cusack was likely referencing photos taken during the Obama Administration that were wrongly credited to Trump by the media, last week. As noted by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, it is Democrats and leftist judges who have said that children cannot be detained, meaning kids are being ripped from their parents when the government enforces the law concerning illegal border crossings.

None of this matters to Cusack, though, as seen in his tweets below, which squarely blame President Trump for the immigration disaster:

The below tweets, in much the same flavor, were posted earlier on Tuesday night:

The actor also encouraged walk outs, strikes, and a march on the White House:

It’s an overused term for sure, but Cusack has a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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