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Activists Spread Shocking Photo Of Immigrant Child In Cage. There’s Just One Problem.

By  James Barrett

Like the viral image of immigrants from the Obama-era falsely attributed to the Trump administration, a photo of a child immigrant locked in a cage spread around by immigration activists has turned out to be yet more fake news.

An image shared by the likes of actor Ron Perlman and illegal immigrant reporter Jose Antonio Vargas purports to show a young boy in tears clinging to the sides of a cage.

“This is what happens when a government believes people are ‘illegal.’ Kids in cages,” wrote Vargas.

“Trump, Sessions, McConnell, Ryan, this is on YOU!” wrote the outraged Perlman.

Here are the so-far undeleted tweets (h/t Twitchy):

After posting it, Vargas followed up with a tweet admitting that he posted it before finding out its source or context:

One of Vargas’ followers also expressed a desire to find out exactly where it came from because “conservatives will say it’s fake if I don’t quote a source.”

Twitchy quickly called out Vargas for his “share first, verify later” brand of “journalism”:

It turns out that Karissa was right to worry about conservatives calling it “fake” because fake is exactly what it is. The image was taken as a protest stunt by a pro-immigrant group.

Vargas thanked Weida for ruining his outrage parade, but apparently felt he might as well leave his fake report up for posterity:

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