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Abortion Killed 42 Million People In 2018

While the Left frets about the inhumanity of President Trump’s immigration policy and the cruelty of ICE, let it be known that 42 million people died from abortions in 2018.

According to LifeNews, data compiled by Worldometers shows 42 million abortions occurred worldwide in 2018. Those numbers exceed deaths related to cancer, HIV/AIDS, traffic accidents, and suicide.

Woldometers collects its data from governments and other reputable organizations to compile its data. The sources for the abortion stats were provided by:

The total number of abortions worldwide stands just 17 million people below the total number of general deaths worldwide (59 million), which does not factor abortion into its statistic. That means the correct total number of deaths worldwide in 2018 stands closer to 101 million. Those who would accuse pro-lifers of drastically over-inflating the numbers or wrongfully equating abortions with death fundamentally deny science. LifeNews explained it best:

Each of those 42 million abortions represents a living human being whose life was violently destroyed in their mother’s womb. Each unborn baby already had their own unique DNA, making them distinct from their mother. That DNA indicated if the child was a boy or girl, their eye and hair color, their height, possible genetic disorders and other disabilities, and much more. In most cases, the unborn babies’ hearts are beating when they are aborted, too.

Here in the United States, 1 million babies are aborted every year. Fortunately, the abortion rates have been on the decline this past decade, though the practice remains one of the leading causes of death in the United States. An estimated 60 million unborn babies have died since the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973, a horrible event that will be remembered at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. this coming January.

The harrowing abortion statistics worldwide come at a time when the Trump administration has been making great strides to curtail the United States from exporting the deathly practice to poorer countries. This past May, the administration told the World Health Assembly that abortion is not a form of family planning and should not be treated as such.

In a statement to the World Health Assembly in Geneva, the U.S. delegation issued a strong pro-life statement while simultaneously criticizing efforts to make abortion great again internationally.

“We remind our fellow delegates,” the statement said, “that the International Conference on Population and Development forged international consensus that abortion should in no case be promoted as a method of family planning.”

The U.S. statement added: “The United States remains a stalwart defender and donor to maternal and children’s health, life, and wellbeing. And we will never waiver on that support.”

The statement had been crafted by Ambassador Kevin Moley, Assistant Secretary of State, who ensured the pro-life views of the Trump administration were reflected. Scott Fischbach, a pro-life advocate at the U.N., told LifeNews at the time that activists have continued pushing abortion internationally for population control.

“There has been a growing activist trend at WHO encouraging the legalization of abortion worldwide. Yet abortion is not an international right. No United Nations treaty has ever created a right to abortion,” he said. “Nor is legalized abortion a solution to maternal mortality. Maternal mortality depends on the quality of maternal health care. It does not depend on the legal status or availability of abortion.”

“We applaud the Trump administration for this pro-life statement. The World Health Organization should stick to health, not abortion advocacy,” he concluded.

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