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Abortion Advocate Says ‘Fetal Tissue Is Not A Person.’ The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti Crushes Her.

An abortion advocate who serves as a senior editor at Romper and columnist for Bustle decided to weigh in once more on the issue on Twitter, insisting “fetal tissue is not a person,” prompting a response from The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti that slammed her for her cavalier disregard for the sanctity of human life.

The tweet looked like this:

Two days prior to that tweet, Campoamor had tweeted her love for abortion providers: “Ppl who provide abortions are the kindest, most passionate, & hilarious ppl you’ll ever meet. Talking to abortion providers is always the highlight of my day & reason #466,875 why I love my job & it’s just not said enough: they’re the best ppl on earth. #iloveabortionproviders.”

Campoamor has written extensively about her abortion stance. Discussing how to deal with a partner and his feelings, she wrote:

Let your partner know that it’s acceptable for them to feel whatever it is they’re feeling, even if it’s toward you (as long as those feelings are expressed in a healthy, safe way), and remind yourself that you are not your abortion …When I made the decision to terminate my pregnancy, I didn’t have to raise it with my then-partner because he was the first to suggest it. We came to the same conclusion organically after taking stock in our often problematic relationship, our finances, and our inability — both individually and as a couple — to be adequate parents. We knew what was best for both of us, so we arrived at the decision pretty effortlessly. In some ways, it was the easiest conversation we ever had.

She is proud of having “owned her decision” to have an abortion, as she has stated:

Thankfully, through some trial, error, and a whole lot of personal growth, I now know that I do not owe my abortion story to anyone. The details of my procedure, my experience, and my feelings are mine and mine alone, and it’s empowering to be able to say that I’ve arrived at a place where not only do I feel confident in my decision, but I proudly own my decision. Regardless of how others react when I tell them I had an abortion, I know I made the best decision for me.

After Campoamor’s tweet insisting “fetal tissue is not a person,” Zanotti fired, “Don’t f***ing include miscarrages in this. The baby I lost was a BABY. And then women wonder why everyone is so silent on the issue of loss, and why miscarriages are still treated as taboo in this country in the 21st century. Because of dips**t statements like this.”

One Twitter user tried to use a quote from Zanotti’s boss in order to challenge her, writing, “Yet facts still don’t care about your feelings. Tissue is not a person.”

Zanotti shut them down, too, answering, “The twins in my uterus that I just saw on an ultrasound sure looked like people. Faces and everything.”

Still trying to stay afloat, the Twitter user tweeted, “And yet, sad as it is, tissue from a dead organism is not a person.”

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