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‘A Lot Of Men Are Trash’: Tomi Lahren Posts 14-Minute ‘PSA For Boyish Men’

"I think they're trash all over this country ... a lot of men don't know how to treat women."
Tomi Lahren speak onstage during the 2019 Politicon at Music City Center on October 26, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee.
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On Monday, political pundit and FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren put out a 14-minute video addressing her and her friends’ issues with men.

The segment, prefaced as a helpful guide for men and titled, “PSA for Boyish Men,” stressed that men over the age of 20 from across the country – from Texas, to Nashville, to Los Angeles – do not know how to treat women and are generally “trash,” though there are exceptions, she said.

“I consider myself a teacher, a helper, someone who could possibly inspire people to be better,” started Lahren. “So, with that being said, this is a PSA for all the men out there, and all the boys that think they’re men, but they’re actually boys. This is gonna be the summer of canceling boys.”

“All of my friends are attractive; all of my friends are successful; all of my friends have something going on; almost every single one of them have an issue with men,” the pundit outlined, adding that “if all of these women, including myself, are having issues, then I have to think, it might not be us, it might be you. It might be men.”

“I’ve often talked about the ‘p*ssification’ of America and how men are no longer men,” Lahren continued. “ … It is not just the guys in Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas, and they’re not any better in the Midwest – they, quite frankly, I think they’re trash all over this country, in the age range of about 20 to, I think, about 55, maybe even 60.”

“A lot of men are trash; a lot of men don’t know how to treat women,” the 27-year-old continued. “A lot of men don’t know how to, really, quite frankly, pull their heads out of the sand and pay attention, so I am going to help you.”

One of the four areas identified by Lahren was the issue of men pursuing a girl while they are involved with other women, or as she called them, “Thot-ianas,” a slang term for sl*t.

“I’m not a feminist, so please don’t take this as a feminist rant,” Lahren interjected after imploring men to follow-up with plans instead of merely texting women. “I love men. I think men are great. I think men have failed themselves, and they’ve failed us. And I’m just trying to help you out because I think there are a lot of really great guys out there who need a little help. And I don’t think there are a lot of women that are stepping up and saying these things.”

“So, I’m gonna go ahead and say them because they need to be said. I am really so sick of my friends having to deal with trash men; I’m tired of dealing with trash men,” Lahren added.

The pundit also told men to “value value” and not “mix in people like me and my friends who have something going on with your other girls that have nothing going on. … Don’t mix us in with the Thot-ianas.”

Lahren’s last tip for men was to not be a “b****” if girls like Lahren and her friends are uninterested in you after you do not treat them right.

WATCH [Warning: Some Language]:

PSA for Boyish Men

Someone had to say it.

Posted by Tomi Lahren on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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