‘A Christmas Story’ Sequel Will Drop This Year. Here’s When To Expect It

Peter Billingsley sits on Santa's lap in a scene from the film 'A Christmas Story', 1983.
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Fans got their first introduction to Ralphie’s family and friends nearly 40 years ago in the film that would become a Christmas classic — and a sequel to “A Christmas Story” will drop this year on HBO Max in November.

In the highly anticipated film titled “A Christmas Story Christmas,” fans will check in on “grown-up” Ralphie — played once again by Peter Billingsly — who “must deal with Christmas and all that comes with it, this time as a dad,” according to the a description from the streaming site, Deadline reported in a piece published Wednesday.

“With the same attention-to-real-life tone of the first, Ralphie reconnects with childhood friends, reconciles the passing of his Old Man and sows the seeds for the origins of the beloved holiday classic,” the film’s logline read, per E! News,

It will reportedly take place in the 1970s, with Billingsly playing an adult Ralphie, bringing his family to his childhood home for the holiday, Variety reported. Erinn Hayes, Julianna Layne, River Drosche, RD Robb and Scott Schwartz along with Zack Ward and Julie Hagerty also star.

The new movie is directed by Clay Kaytis with producers Irwin Zwilling, Marc Toberoff, Cale Boyter, Jay Ashenfelter, Peter Billingsley and Vince Vaughn.


For those who might have somehow missed the original movie, the film follows a kid in the 1940s, (Ralphie) on the adventure that culminates in him getting the one Christmas gift he would die for, a Red Ryder BB rifle from Santa Claus. Through a serious of hilarious incidents, everyone from his teacher to the Santa Claus mall tells him he will “shoot his eye out” if he gets one.

But regardless, Santa does deliver that BB gun on Christmas morning and well, not to spoil it, but the advice he got from others about the potential risks of owning a rifle do not seem completely unwarranted.

Despite the cult following the legendary Christmas movie has had, it was originally considered a box office flop in 1983 when it hit the big screen, E! News noted.

“A Christmas Story Christmas” debuts on HBO Max November 17.

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