8 Thoughts On The Third Trump vs. Clinton Debate


Last night’s debate was a demonstration that nominating two absolutely unfit candidates for president may not have been a wise decision for America. There were rock ‘em, sock ‘em moments; there were attack angles from both candidates. But neither candidate was able to provide a comprehensive vision of America’s future, neither had a basic grasp of policy issues, both ignored looming crises like entitlements collapsing, and both demonstrated their penchant for lies and corruption.

Here are some takeaways.

1. Hillary Clinton Is Insanely Corrupt. Hillary breaks out the Nightmare Clown Grin™ every time she has no answer – and she broke it out an insane amount last night. She had no answers for why she took money from regimes that harm gays and women. She had no answers on her emails. She had no answers on why she told a Brazilian firm that she wanted open borders. She had no answers on the material in her Wikileaks. She had no answers on the Clinton Foundation corruption with the State Department. Hillary has no answers on her corruption because she’s ridiculously corrupt.

2. Trump Doesn’t Know How To Promote Conservatism. Trump nibbled around the edges of some conservative thoughts last night, but his defenses of conservatism were weak at best. He had the greatest opportunity to promote conservatism in presidential history – a moderator, Chris Wallace, who asked great questions, and an opponent, Hillary Clinton, who can’t defend her policies to save her life – and instead, he spoke in broad generalities and embraced a solid number of leftist policies. In his much-ballyhooed defense of the pro-life position, for example, he allowed Hillary to get away with the lie that women having partial birth abortion are simply making the difficult decision to kill nine-month-old babies to save their lives. He repeated that partial birth abortion is “tak[ing a] baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby…it’s not okay with me.” But this fails to explain why that is wrong – what the baby is, what the baby looks like, any details that would help explain just how evil partial birth abortion is. That was his best moment. And it was weak. Trump spent much of his time last night railing against NAFTA and NATO. That has nothing to do with conservatism. Again, liberty was never mentioned at any point during this debate.

3. Trump Doesn’t Know How To Attack. Trump was touted during the primaries as the fellow who could attack. But last night, he launched a hundred attacks and failed to sustain any of them. The essence of attack in debate is forcing your opponent to answer the charges. Trump let Hillary swivel out of those charges by constantly shifting his own focus to defending himself. That allowed Hillary to redirect away from lines of attack she didn’t like, even though Trump hit her hard repeatedly. His penchant for speaking political shorthand – culled from reading only the headlines on news stories – doesn’t allow him to delve deeply into any single attack, leaving a scattershot overall impression of corruption but not latching it to anything substantial.

4. Hillary Lies Incessantly. Hillary Clinton can’t stop lying. She said that her “open borders” comments were only about energy. False. She said that the Heller decision was about toddlers. It wasn’t. She said that she wouldn’t put troops in Iraq, but would put Special Forces…which are troops. She said she wouldn’t let anybody into the country unvetted. False. She said partial birth abortion is about saving the life of the mother. False. She said the Clinton Foundation did everything right in Haiti. False. Hillary can’t stop lying because the moment she tells the truth, she has to resign in disgrace.

5. Trump Loves Vladimir Putin. Trump imploded when Hillary Clinton redirected from open borders to Vladimir Putin. “I don’t know Putin,” Trump said. “He said nice things about me. If we got along well, that would be good…She has no idea whether it is Russia, China or anybody else.” Clinton rightly pointed out that Trump would rather take Vladimir Putin’s word on Wikileaks than that of American intelligence agencies. Which led Trump to state, “Putin has outsmarted her every step of the way.” This is the Republican nominee. Ugh.

6. Hillary’s Values Are Disgusting. Hillary said that the Supreme Court existed to act as a sort of superlegislature of brilliant leftist godkings and godqueens, explaining to America what’s best for all of us. She said judges should “stand up to the powerful,” which is absolutely not the job of justices. She said her economic plans relied on redistribution “because we are going to go where the money is.” She defended partial birth abortion as just a “difficult decision,” ignoring the humanity of the child. She’s a far leftist, and her radicalism is actually evil.

7. Neither Has Serious Plans. Asked about her economic plans, Hillary Clinton doubled down on Barack Obama’s; asked about entitlements, Donald Trump simply said that we’d grow our way out of debt, which is eminently untrue. Asked about foreign policy, Hillary threw goo against the wall; asked about foreign policy, Trump railed in ridiculous fashion about Aleppo having fallen and Russia taking leadership. Neither Hillary nor Trump has any material plans – Hillary just has her radical leftism, and Trump his ad hoc approach to problem-solving.

8. Trump Is Utterly Self-Destructive. Trump fought Hillary to a standstill, and perhaps had her on the defensive. But he dropped two bombs that were utterly disastrous. First, he denied all allegations of sexual assault and harassment and accused the women of publicity-seeking, allowing Hillary her Movie Moment™, nearly complete with swelling music, to talk about victimized women – and let her get away with it without mentioning her intimidation of an alleged rape victim, even though Chris Wallace hung a softball for him to hit. Then, he said that he might not accept the results of the election, and failed to qualify the statement in any real way, just adding that he wanted to keep Americans in suspense – an act of utter insanity given his political need to project stability rather than chaos.

In the end, the debate won’t change any minds. Hillary Clinton is awful and evil. Donald Trump is a blue dog Democratic clod. Thanks, America – this one’s for you.