7 Ways The DNC Shows Democrats Are WAAAAY More Extreme Than Republicans


For years now, we’ve heard from the media that the Republican Party is a fringe party – a far-right bunch of kooks who hate gays, blacks, the poor, Mexicans, and clean air. We’ve heard that the Tea Party moved the Republican Party significantly to the right, and that the GOP is completely unrepresentative of mainstream public opinion.

That’s nonsense. The RNC featured Donald Trump’s daughter giving a stump speech in which she promoted falsehoods about the wage gap and called for government measures to rectify that mythical imbalance; a gay CEO proclaiming that the culture wars were irrelevant; a nearly four-day spectacle in which abortion wasn’t mentioned once. The Republican Party has actually moved significantly to the left during this election cycle – Donald Trump’s positions are far closer to the traditional Democratic Party than to the conservative base.

But it is true of the Democratic Party. It’s not just the Republican Party that’s moved to the left – so have the Democrats. Here are seven ways the Democratic National Convention shows that the Democratic Party has embraced extremism openly:

1. Celebrating Socialism. Bernie Sanders has been received as a conquering hero at the DNC. He’s a 74-year-old socialist loonbag who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, was kicked out of a commune for being too much of a moocher, and has spent this entire campaign cycle decrying capitalism as socialism collapses in Venezuela. He operates from the theory that money flies out of unicorn asses and thus pays for free college, expansions to Medicare and Medicaid, and $15 minimum wage. He touts a discredited philosophy responsible for the deaths of 100 million people. And people at the DNC were in tears that he didn’t win the nomination. Even The New York Times, Hillary Clinton apologists, wrote this morning, “the dynamism within the party arises right now from its left-wing faction, led by politicians like Mr. Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.”

2. All Abortion, All The Time. The Democratic platform doesn’t just call for abortion-on-demand. It calls for federal taxpayer funding of abortion-on-demand. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, whose organization is responsible for the killing of hundreds of thousands of unborn children each year in the United States, wasn’t just welcomed to the stage at the DNC – she sat next to former President Bill Clinton last night at the DNC. It’s not just Richards stumping for the Democrats – so is abortion lover Lena Dunham, among others.

3. Embrace Of Anti-Cop Extremism. Tonight, the DNC is scheduled to feature the so-called “Mothers of the Movement” – mothers of black people who died in police shootings, police custody, or disputed circumstances. But as I’ve noted elsewhere, those mothers include the mothers of Trayvon Martin, who was shot while pounding a man’s head against the pavement; Michael Brown, who strong-arm robbed a convenience store before attempting to take a gun off a cop and shoot him; Dontre Hamilton, who hit an officer with a baton before being shot; and Sandra Bland, who committed suicide in police custody. All of this comes on the heels of a spate of anti-cop shootings across the country.

4. Full-Scale Love For Illegal Immigration. Actress Eva Longoria spoke at the DNC yesterday, where she proclaimed, “My family never crossed the border – the border crossed us.” She is a ninth-generation American. The DNC also trotted out an actual illegal immigrant to demonstrate disdain for America’s immigration laws: Astrid Silva, 28, who is here illegally but whose brother was born in the United States. “[W]hile my friends did ordinary things,” she said, “I couldn’t because my parents were afraid that someone might discover I was undocumented.” It’s one thing to stump for liberalized immigration policies. It’s another to openly feature a speaker in the country illegally.

5. Complete Disregard For The Threat Of Terrorism. There have been five terrorist attacks in Europe in the last 11 days, dating back to the Nice ISIS attacks murdering 84. So naturally, the Democrats mentioned ISIS ZERO times on the first day of their convention. That’s because they see climate change as a threat rather than ISIS. For the Democrats, the only real question on Tuesday, after an 86-year-old priest was murdered in a church in Normandy, was whether he was using air conditioning.

6. Removal Of The Mississippi State Flag. In an effort not to offend the delicate flowers among the DNC delegates, the Philadelphia police department actually took down the Mississippi state flag from the Avenue of the States display on Broad Street for the DNC. Some fifty protesters had gathered around the lamppost to yell about the flag, which includes the Confederate flag. Worth noting: at least one Democrat flew the Palestinian flag on the floor of the convention. The Palestinian government is currently a terrorist unity government including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

7. Addition Of Transgender Bathrooms. The Democrats have to virtue signal to their LGBT fans that they care deeply about transgender issues. To that end, they’re having a transgender speaker. But they’re also aware that women aren’t all that fond of peeing next to men. So they set up their only all-gender restroom next to the press, so the press would know how much they care.

The Democrats are as extreme a party as America has ever seen. Don’t let the media tell you differently.