6 Things You Need To Know About Hillary’s Democratic National Convention


So, the Democratic National Convention is over.

As the balloons dropped, the networks declared that the DNC had been an overwhelming success, that Hillary Clinton was beloved by the populace, and that she would undoubtedly become the next president of the United States. Donald Trump’s convention, they said, had been a chaotic failure; Hillary’s had been a parade of entertainment and enthusiasm.

Except that isn’t true. Here are six takeaways from Hillary’s big convention:

1. Nobody Likes Hillary. Hillary Clinton is an eminently untalented politician. After an otherworldly buildup – speeches from her husband, a former president of the United States, and a barnburner from the current president — her speech to conclude the convention was soporific and disappointing. She failed utterly in her task: to humanize herself and to make Donald Trump seem wildly unpalatable. Hillary is a damp dishrag running for president, and that was even obvious from the forced excitement of the crowd. No number of Katy Perry renditions can fix Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

2. Democrats Preached Happiness In A Dark Time. While the media celebrated the Democrats’ “happy” convention and lamented the Republicans’ “dark” convention, they neglected one basic fact: most Americans don’t feel good about the direction of the country right now. In Medialand, America’s in the middle of a great resurgence. In the real world, the Middle East is on fire, Western capitals are under attack from jihadists, cops are being targeted and shot, race riots are taking place in our major cities, and the economy is absolutely stagnant. The media sees the DNC’s big party as a well-earned gala ball for America under Obama; many Americans see it as Democrats fiddling while the world burns.

3. Democrats Didn’t Paint A Picture Of America Under Donald Trump. For all the criticism of Donald Trump, the Democrats weren’t able to really touch him. That’s because, as Bill Kristol points out, the Democrats were so focused on Trump’s asinine comments and volatile personality that they didn’t bother pointing out what America would actually look like under President Trump. Trump spends his days describing what America looks like now, and says he’ll change it; Hillary spends her days describing what Trump is like now, and says she’ll keep things the same. That’s a recipe for a bad November.

4. There Are Still Serious And Real Divisions Inside The Democratic Party. The media preferred to gloss over the booing Bernie Sanders supporters during Hillary’s speech last night – even though the booing was so loud that Hillary supporters had to chant her name (reluctantly) in order to drown it out. Outside the convention hall, Sanders supporters burned American and Israeli flags and chanted, “Hell, no, DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary.” Even Sanders himself, who endorsed Hillary, looked like he wanted to jump onto the stage and strangle Hillary with his cane when she name-checked him last night. Imagine how his betrayed supporters feel.

5. The Media Proved They Are Corrupt. The media praised every Democratic speech and criticized every Republican one. They tried to turn Hillary Clinton into Cicero and Donald Trump into Hitler. They failed utterly. The conventions do accomplish one purpose: they put candidates in front of the country directly. People still have enough wherewithal to see past the cloud of mouthfarts provided by the members of the press who carry their press credentials alongside worship cards of the Clinton Family. Want to know why Americans haven’t discounted Trump despite his obvious failures? Because the media did this same routine with Mitt Romney and John McCain. Everybody knows they’re running a playbook.

6. Nobody Cares About The Whole “First Female President” Thing. Hillary tried to make a thing out of the fact that she’s the first female candidate from a major political party. But that carries little weight. The image of the first black president – young, good-looking, still powerful – handing off the future to a corrupt old harridan in the name of diversity simply doesn’t work. Hillary didn’t get where she got because she’s a woman who overcame obstacles. She got where she is by marrying up (or down) and then riding her husband’s coattails and sympathy from her husband’s affairs to glory.

The media hoped to declare this race over this morning. It isn’t. Hillary Clinton made sure of that. So did the media themselves.

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