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59% Of Republicans Agree With MSM — Obama Admin DID Spy On Trump

By  John Nolte

A new poll conducted by Harvard-Harris Study shows that a full 59% of Republicans believe the Obama administration did “wiretap the Trump campaign during the election.” Although 66% of those polled overall do not believe it, it appears as though a healthy majority of Republicans are not falling for the national media’s attempt to cover-up their own reporting that clearly showed the Obama administration was spying on Trump.

Contemporaneous reports from January of this year, and published by Trump-hating outlets such as Heat Street, The New York Times, The Guardian, McClatchy, and the BBC, informed the public that through Obama’s Department of Justice, investigations were ongoing into any illegal or unethical connections/communications the Trump campaign might have had with Russian officials.

Although six months of government and media investigations have thus far resulted in no evidence of any wrongdoing on Team Trump’s part, once Trump used his powerful Twitter feed to focus attention on the Obama administration’s spying, the very same media that was once overjoyed and excited with this spying, is now claiming no such thing occurred.

And yet, as of today, not a single one of those publications has retracted their reports of the Obama administration seeking and obtaining surveillance warrants to use against Team Trump. Moreover, The New York Times has not retracted its report that the Obama White House was looking at Trump “wiretap intel.” By the way: that is the word The New York Times used: WIRETAP.

If The New York Times is reporting on such a thing, and still standing by it, is it any wonder, then, that a majority of Republicans aren’t falling for the media’s attempt to bury their own reporting under a pathetic pile of semantics, hair-splitting, and hyper-literalism around Trump’s use of the words “wires tapped”?

Although all of these MSM outlets hostile to Trump told us the Obama administration was spying on Team Trump, they have now moved the goalposts to where Obama will only be guilty if a photo is discovered of him in Trump Tower doing this.

It’s good to know a majority of Republicans are not falling for this propaganda.

The Obama administration DID spy on Trump.

And we know this because the national media told us so.

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