5 Ways To Tell If Your Religion Has a Terrorism Problem


Today in Havana, before beginning a self-glorifying, Communist-praising speech touting his magical termination of the Cold War in the Western hemisphere, President Obama led off with a fulsome six-sentence, 52-second pledge to fight terrorism. That generous contribution to the fight against Islamic savagery in Brussels, Belgium, included this throwaway line: “The world must unite. We must be together, regardless of nationality, regardless of race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.”

Well, that’s nice.

Except that one particular faith has been somewhat less-than-helpful in fighting the scourge of terrorism. Obama’s hopeful normative narrative – we should all get together to fight terrorism, and we should all be bestest friends, and we should all put aside our differences to weave flower-chains – bears no relation whatsoever to reality.

Here’s the sad reality: Islam has a terrorism problem. Of course. You’d have to a dolt not to notice this, you’d have to be a useful idiot to ignore it, or you’d have to be slave to an evil ideology of multiculturalism to cover it up. Obama and his leftist friends are one of those three.

Here are five signs one particular religion may have a terrorism problem.

The “Surprise” Test. So, you just found out that there was a major coordinated terrorist attack in a Western capital. There were multiple attackers, at least one suicide bomber, and people screaming in a foreign language unique to a particular region of the world. How surprised would you be if these people ended up being Buddhists? Jews? Christians? Now, how surprised would you be to learn that they’re young Muslim men, that they shouted in Arabic, and that they had connections with an Islamic terrorist group? Not that surprised? That’s because it’s not surprising, as we’ll see in the Statistical Probability Test.

The “Friend” Test. Your childhood friend just got out of jail after a long history of criminal activity. He just converted to Christianity and wants to travel to Israel to visit Bethlehem. You are most likely to:

  1. Be relieved, and think that he may just be turning his life around.
  2. Be concerned that he’s fallen in with a bad crowd and could become a threat to safety and security.

Now assume that your friend converted to Islam as a result of outreach from his local mosque, and he wants to visit Saudi Arabia on Hajj. How does that calculus change?

The Statistical Probability Test. But all of this is gut feeling, subject to the biases and vicissitudes of individual human beings. After all, maybe you’re just an Islamophobe! Gut feelings don’t cut it. So, let’s look to the statistics. In the same scenario as the “surprise” test – a suicide bombing victimizing others – there were 452 attacks in 2015. According to The Times of Israel, 450 of those were carried out by Muslims, and the other two were carried out by Kurds (Muslim) and a female leftist in Turkey (possibly Muslim). So no, you’re not wrong about your feelings in the “surprise” or the “friend” test.

The Correlation Test. Okay, so all the suicide bombings are Muslim. But perhaps that’s just a tiny minority of Muslims who engage in such activities. First, that would still indicate a problem within a particular religion, exclusive to that religion. But second, it’s not a tiny minority of Muslims who believe in the principles undergirding anti-Western terrorism. Here’s my widely-viewed video on the subject:

Mass Muslim immigration correlates significantly with increased acts of terrorism and anti-Western violence, as Europeans are finding out.

The Ideology Test. I tend not to care about the particulars of religious practice or the specifics of a founding religious document – I care far more about behavior. But suffice it to say that ideologies are not all equivalent in their level of conflict with Western civilization. Islam today is in unique conflict with Western civilization – not because the Koran is horrible or because a thousand years ago Mohammed conquered the surrounding tribes, but because modern-day devotees of Mohammed disproportionately want to imitate his behavior.

Don’t worry – Democrats and international leftists will continue to promulgate the myth of multiculturalism and diversity, and so damn their constituents to a higher possibility of death at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Then they’ll remind us that Islamophobia is the real threat and that all religions are equally prone to violence and brutality.

They’ll be lying. But it won’t matter. After all, pretty words matter more than the preservation of Western civilization or its citizens.

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