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5 Things You Need To Know About Trump’s Revised Travel Ban

By  Aaron Bandler

President Donald Trump and his administration are reportedly working towards finalizing a revised travel ban executive order that will be signed later in the week. So what will the new executive order entail?

Here are five things you need to know about it.

1. The new executive order will target the same seven countries from the original travel ban. Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Iran will still be the countries listed in the executive order.

2. Green card holders and dual citizens will be exempt from the executive order. One of the problems with the original executive order was that green card holders were initially blocked from entering the country, reportedly due to how Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller interpreted the language of the order. There will be no such confusion under the revised travel ban.

As for dual citizens, Politico explains that it means that “a French-Libyan person who has a French passport, for instance, could likely travel to the U.S. on that passport.”

However, it is still unclear what would happen with non-immigrant visas, which would affect those like translators who aided American troops during the Iraq Wars.

3. The revised travel ban maintains the 50,000 refugee cap imposed in the original. As Fox News points out, the courts never had an issue with Trump’s 50,000 cap, so naturally it would stay in place in the revised travel ban. Over 35,000 refugees have already been accepted into the U.S. this year.

4. Syrian refugees may not be singled out in the new travel ban. The administration is reportedly undecided about that provision, which put an indefinite pause on Syrian refugees.

5. The new executive order will still be subject to lawsuits from left-wing organizations. According to CNN:

Immigration attorney David Leopold argued that the very fact that a new order is being drafted “is a clear admission by the Trump administration that the President directly violated immigration law and the Constitution when he ordered a sweeping ban on Muslims and Syrian refugees in late January.”

Lee Gelernt, an attorney with the ACLU who is challenging the order in New York courts, said he expects the new order will exempt green card holders, but warned that he expected other aspects of the new order to present legal problems. “If the only real change is to exempt green card holders, than the legal challenges will continue full force,” he said.

“This debate is critical both legally and policy-wise,” said Leon Fresco, an immigration attorney and former Obama administration Justice official. “Obviously, it is important not to run afoul of existing court orders precluding cancellation of visas. But even more importantly, it sends a disconcerting signal to all potential foreign visitors when the US cancels visas for entire groups on short notice rather than canceling visas due to the actions of individual visa holders.”

In other words, these left-wing organizations will continue to look to the courts to impose their ideological will on the American people, undermining national security while doing so.

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