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5 Signs The FBI Could Go After Hillary After All

The FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private email server appears to be heading towards a conclusion, as Clinton will soon be interviewed by FBI director James Comey and other FBI investigators. The FBI’s decision could happen in matter of “weeks” rather than months. Here are five indications that the FBI could recommend an indictment towards her after all.

1. The Clintons are pivoting towards attacking President Barack Obama. Monica Crowley, online opinion editor for The Washington Times who has sources in the FBI, has theorized that Clinton has refrained from criticizing Obama in the primary to avoid an indictment over her email scandal. In exchange, Clinton is keeping lips sealed over dirt she may have on Obama during the night of the Benghazi attack. Suddenly, the Clintons are starting to turn on Obama, which has caused Crowley to think that whatever deal may have been brokered between Obama and Clinton has gone haywire:

Something has happened, which has led Mr. Clinton to openly slam Mr. Obama: “If you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us,” he said recently. A few days later, Chelsea Clinton launched a broadside on Obamacare’s costs. A classic Clintonian one-two punch, coming just days before a report that the FBI is seeking interviews with Mrs. Clinton’s top aides, and likely Mrs. Clinton herself.

Crowley also speculates that perhaps the Clintons think there’s no need to continue the deal with Obama, but the timing is likely not a coincidence.

2. A key Clinton staffer has been given immunity by the Justice Department and is reportedly “singing.” Clinton IT staffer Bryan Pagliano has been a “devastating witness” against Clinton, according to Crowley, because he “can name all those who had access to the Clinton server and devices and when, and reportedly is doing so” as well as “testify to the security of the server and what was told to whom about it.” Typically, the DoJ doesn’t grant immunity unless they receive something in return, and Crowley’s sources tell her that if the FBI discovers that Clinton sent “major classified emails,” then she won’t “escape from prosecution.”

3. The FBI is also investigating if Clinton and her aides violated another federal statute. According to Fox News, the FBI is determining if Clinton, her aides or lawyer violated Criminal Code section 1001, which Fox News describes as when an individual “makes misleading or false statements that cause federal agents to expend additional resources and time.” Clinton is already being investigated for violating the Espionage Act, so the fact that the FBI is looking into this matter suggests they may be seriously considering recommending an indictment.

4. Comey is regarded as a bipartisan figure who can rise above politics. Comey is a Republican who was appointed by Obama and was confirmed almost unanimously by the Senate. The Hill describes him as “known for his independence and aggressive prosecutions,” so if there’s anyone currently in the federal government with the will to recommend an indictment against Clinton, it’s Comey. He is going to face a lot of pressure from the Clinton machine though, as The Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro explains here.

5. The FBI has been rumored to be ready to recommend an indictment for Clinton for quite awhile. Sources in the FBI have told ex-prosecutor Joe DiGenova that they will “go ballistic” if Clinton isn’t indicted, and other sources have told House Majority Leader Tom DeLay that the FBI is “ready to recommend an indictment” and will go public if she isn’t.