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5 Pieces of News That Show Global Warming Still Isn’t Happening The Way Leftists Say

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s important to realize that the left’s continuing hysteria over global warming still does not match reality. The current facts show that there are not rising temperatures at alarming levels and, if anything, the planet seems to be experiencing more of a cooling phase than a warming phase.

Here are five pieces of news that show that global warming is not causing armageddon.

1. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) graphs showing accelerated increases in temperature appear to be fabricated. Tony Heller at the RealClimateScience blog points out that NOAA admits that 42 percent of their 2016 monthly station data was missing so they used falsified data instead, and that NOAA needlessly adjusted their data by 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit – the same amount the agency claims temperatures have increased by since 1900.

This is not the first time NOAA has been accused of data tampering. Earlier in 2016, agency whistleblowers alleged that the agency had “rushed” a study published to debunk the global warming pause. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) grew frustrated with NOAA dragging their feet on producing documents relevant to the study.

“Data consist of facts, and facts can be cherry-picked to yield a desired effect,” the Washington Times editorial board wrote in March. “In the NOAA study, researchers found that ocean temperatures measured by ships were warmer than those recorded by buoys anchored in place, and scientists ‘developed a method to correct the difference between ship and buoy measurements.’ Ship’s engines, however, can heat nearby water and produce false readings. By including those values, critics contend, the agency may have effectively erased evidence of the global warming pause.”

2. The evidence points to record amounts of cold weather. Data from the Rutgers University Climate Lab shows that the autumn snow cover has been increasing for 40 years, with 2016’s snow cover level being the second highest amount (2014 was the highest). Additionally, former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer has noted that the first week of the new year will be met with 48 states being below freezing levels, which he says will be record amounts of cold. It’s hard to see how both of these would occur if global warming is rising at an accelerated rate.

3. The polar bear population seems to be thriving. One of the ways that the global warming alarmists have been promoting their agenda has been through fearmongering about polar bears supposedly being driven to extinction from all the melting ice. But reality tells a different story. Canadian scientists published a study in Ecology and Evolution finding “no reliable evidence to support the contention that polar bears are currently experiencing a climate crisis.” This is right in line with evidence showing that polar bears have thrived even when there wasn’t any ice in the Arctic and that the polar bear population overall has been on the upswing.

4. There were 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers in 2016 that concluded there was not wide-scale global warming. In fact, the papers showed that there was more of a cooling trend than a warming trend, and in places where there was warming, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. The scientific literature has been compiled here.

5. The weather trends don’t indicate that anything severe is occurring. The Fabius Maximus blog has compiled a list of these trends that include:

  • No upswing in hurricanes.
  • Slow increase of ocean heat content since 1970.
  • Global surface temperatures being relatively flat for 13 years.
  • Lower troposphere temperatures based on satellite data.

The evidence simply does not support the global warming alarmist’s contention that rising temperatures are going to lead to disaster for the planet.

(h/t: Climate Depot)

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