4 Indicators Trump Thinks His Voters Are Morons


Donald Trump’s supporters back him because he believes in them. He says he’ll fight for them.

In fact, he loves them.

He says so. He shouts his love into the nearest microphone at every available opportunity.

Then there’s what he actually thinks of his supporters: they’re rubes. Here are the four indicators Trump thinks you’re an imbecile if you back him:

He Thinks You’re Losers. Yesterday, Donald Trump said that he likes to surround himself with losers to make himself look better. “You’ll find when you become very successful, the people you will like best are the people that are less successful than you, because when you go to a table, you can tell them all these wonderful stories and they’ll sit back and listen. Always be around unsuccessful people because everybody will respect you.” Are you listening, Trump fans?

He Thinks You’re Stupid. Back after winning the Nevada caucuses, Trump rejoiced, “We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated!” There’s a reason for that: Trump thinks he can manipulate you with his verbal gymnastics. Here’s what he told The New York Times editorial board about keeping his supporters enthusiastic: “If it gets a little boring, if I see people starting to sort of, maybe thinking about leaving, I can sort of tell the audience, I just say, ‘We will build the wall!’ and they go nuts.”

He Thinks You Don’t Care About His Positions. Trump sings a constant refrain: he is neverchanging and constant as the northern star. Except that he changes his positions all the time. And he admits it to you. He said in open debate that even his positions on immigration – the position Trump supporters love most – are flexible: “I’ve never seen a successful person who wasn’t flexible and who didn’t have a certain degree of flexibility.” He apparently told The New York Times off-the-record that his immigration position was merely an opener for negotiations – and then when asked to release the tape, he said he didn’t want to undercut the press. That’s an argument that would only make sense to fools.

He Thinks You’re Stuck With Him. Forever. When Trump said in January that he “could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” he wasn’t really joking. He obviously believes this, and it’s true to a certain extent – his campaign manager can grab, yank, and bruise a female reporter, deny that it ever happened, be caught on tape, and Trump can then accuse the reporter of trying to kill him with a pen-bomb, and his supporters go right along.

Perhaps Trump supporters are losers or stupid or simply don’t care about his positions. Or perhaps they ignore all of this because they think Trump can win – a position not supported by evidence. Whatever the reason, the fact is this: Trump thinks he’s got you and can do anything he wants. So far, a solid segment of you are proving him right.

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