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3 Surprising Names Show Up On Trump’s Supreme Court List

Real estate mogul Donald Trump’s list of possible Supreme Court nominees was for the most part well-received by conservatives, but there were three names on the list that were rather surprising, since they have connections to vocal Trump critics. Here are the three names.

1. Diane Sykes. Sykes, who was nominated to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2003 by President George W. Bush, is surprising because she is the ex-wife of Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes, who had his moment in the spotlight for hammering Trump relentlessly and helped pave the way for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to win the state primary. It doesn’t appear that Trump has her on the list to stick it to the radio host, as Sykes has tweeted: “Diane would be an outstanding choice. Would make a great justice. But I simply don’t believe Trump.”

Sykes describes herself as an “originalist-textualist” and is known for her opinion in Ezell v. Chicago, which stopped the city of Chicago from banning firing ranges.

2. Allison Eid. Eid used to be a speechwriter and assistant to then-Department of Education Secretary Bill Bennett, whom the New York Post describes as “an idol of the neoconservatives at the core of #NeverTrump.” Bennett himself criticized Trump back in October for not being “very principled in terms of his convictions anyway, except he, you know, is a businessman who does things his way, his own idiosyncratic way.” Since Trump has had the nomination wrapped up, Bennett has started to warm up to Trump.

Eid is a former state solicitor general and clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas, and is currently on Colorado’s state supreme court.

3. Don Willett. Willett, a Texas Supreme Court justice, has skewered Trump numerous times on Twitter:

In response to potentially being nominated by Trump, Willett simply “giggled” and declined to comment, saying he was “exercising judicial restraint.”

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