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3 Big Questions About Spygate

On Monday, Dan Bongino — a host I particularly enjoy — tackled the “Spygate” issue on his show. He took issue with last Thursday’s show, in which I expressed my doubts about the veracity of the narrative going around that the FBI maliciously targeted the Trump campaign during the 2016 race in order to undermine Trump himself. In particular, I expressed three doubts. First, I asked why the FBI and Hillary campaign didn’t release the most damaging information about supposed Trump/Russia collusion during the campaign; second, I asked why the FBI didn’t target members of the Trump campaign other than those most obviously connected with Russia if they were truly going beyond their brief to target Trump himself; finally, I asked why Trump didn’t just declassify the underlying materials showing the alleged conspiracy.

Bongino responded thoroughly, and I thought it worthwhile to respond to his response.

Ben Shapiro
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