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17 Gang Members Arrested In Horrific Murder Investigation Of Burned-Alive Mississippi Teen

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Jessica Chambers was 19 when she was horrifically murdered by being burned alive last year; the Mississippi teen was doused in lighter fluid, set on fire and left to die on the side of the road. Chambers was found covered head-to-toe in burns and rushed to a local hospital just moments before her eventual death, where she reportedly whispered the name of her killer to her father.

There has been little headway in the investigation of the gruesome murder due to a “lack of chatter” on the streets but the investigation has uncovered massive “gang activity, drugs stolen firearms, and counterfeit money schemes” within the community. That eventually led to the arrests of 17 “Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords and the Sipp Mob street gangs” per the Inquisitr.

Although none of the gang members are charged with murder, this has created a sense of hope that Chambers’ killer will be named and brought to justice “sooner rather than later.” Hal Neilson, a retired special agent of the FBI with 23 years experience, told FOX13 that these arrests will help move along and solve the case.

“I think there is a possibility this could break it,” said Neilson. “Nine arrests and 17 indicted. Someone might know something that will send you in the direction of another person who could know about the crime.”

“These drug dealers will do anything in the world to help themselves,” he added. “And if that means giving up their best buddy, they will do it.”

Neilson also said that forces may “already know who has done this” but might be lacking “enough evidence to prosecute that person.”

These 17 arrests give hope to all, especially those in the #JusticeForJessica crusade, that justice could be on its way soon.

For some background on the investigation thus far, watch the video below:

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