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11 Times Barack Obama Had A Horrible 2016

2016 is going to be remembered by many as one of the worst years ever, but it was an especially bad year for President Barack Obama. A lot of things went wrong for the outgoing president in his final year in office.

Here are 11 times Obama had a horrible 2016.

1. Donald Trump won the election. Obama campaigned hard against Trump, even going as far as telling blacks that it would be “a personal insult” if they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. And yet Trump won, putting Obama’s legacy in jeopardy.

2. The GOP maintained Congress. Many election observers had predicted that the Democrats would would regain control of the Senate given the number of incumbent Republicans up for re-election in 2016, but despite losing a couple of seats, the GOP held onto the Senate, giving the Republicans the House, Senate and presidency–a nightmare scenario for Obama.

3. The Senate Republicans blocked Judge Merrick Garland from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. Garland was Obama’s pick to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, but the Republicans, to their credit, denied a vote on Garland. Now that Trump has won the presidency and the GOP controls the Senate, Garland will not be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

4. Obama’s executive amnesty was struck down. The Supreme Court was deadlocked at a 4-4 tie over Obama’s executive amnesty, so it deferred to a lower court ruling that struck down the executive amnesty. If Clinton had won, then maybe Garland or another activist judge could have provided the deciding vote on a subsequent appeal, but Trump’s victory assures the defeat of Obama’s executive amnesty in court.

5. A federal court struck down Obama’s anti-fracking regulations. The regulations were overseen by the Bureau of Land Management, which the court ruled does not have the authority to regulate fracking.

6. Obama was found communicating with Clinton on her private email server with the use of an alias. This means that Obama was in on Clinton’s email scandal, and that if he was discussing classified information with her, then he would have violated the Espionage Act. It’s no wonder then why Obama campaigned so hard for Clinton.

7. The Democrat Party has been decimated as a result of Obama. By the end of 2016, Obama has overseen the loss of 1,030 Democrat seats to Republicans at both the federal and state level, further highlighting the danger his legacy is in.

8. Obamacare is melting down. As the Daily Wire has explained, Obamacare’s unraveling has been on full throttle in 2016, as the law has resulted in higher premiums, lack of insurance options, the uninsured set to skyrocket and enrollment numbers plummeting. The law’s failure makes it all the more easier for congressional Republicans to repeal Obamacare through reconciliation.

9. Obama’s economy has been historically awful. 2016 showed that Obama will likely be the only president to have had an annual GDP growth rate at below three percent, and his GDP annual growth average is the worst of any postwar president, as was his best year of real GDP growth.

10. The Iran deal is likely in danger. Trump signaled in a recent tweet that he will be a friend to Israel as president and will target the Iran deal; it would be very easy for Trump to simply scrap the deal by citing Iran’s numerous violations of it.

11. 2016 is the last year Obama is in power, which must be hard for his ego to handle. Obama has a penchant for unbridled narcissism, so the fact that he will no longer wield the power of the presidency and will have to watch his legacy dismantled is probably difficult for his ego to handle. Expect Obama to whine and complain throughout the Trump presidency as Republicans move to undo Obama’s damage.