The National Football League (NFL) is a professional sports league that consists of 32 teams divided equally between the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). It is the most popular and lucrative of the nation’s four major professional sports leagues, which includes Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Hockey League (NHL).

When was the NFL formed? The NFL was formed in 1920, though under a different name, the American Professional Football Association (APFA). It was renamed the National Football League before the start of the 1922 season. In 1966, the NFL began its merger with the American Football League (AFL). When the merger was completed in 1970, the league established its two conferences, the NFC and AFC.

When was the first Super Bowl? The first Super Bowl took place on January 15, 1967. Super Bowl I, which it was named retroactively, pitted the champion of the NFL, the Green Bay Packers, against the champion of the AFL, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers won the game 35 – 10. The game was held at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Just under 62,000 people attended.

How much money does the NFL make? The NFL brings in around $13 billion in revenue a year, making it the most lucrative of the four major North American professional sports leagues. The next biggest money-maker is the MLB, which brings in over $9 billion. The NBA is third at around $5 billion, and the NHL is fourth, bringing in around $4 billion a year.

How much money does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell make? Since becoming commissioner in 2007, Roger Goodell has made over $150 million, including earning $44 million in 2013-14 and $34 million in 2014-15.

Who is the highest paid player in the NFL? In August 2017, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford became the highest paid player in NFL history when he agreed to a contract extension worth $135 million over five years.