Boston Police Get Hammered For Tweeting Black History Month Tribute To White Man Who Championed Blacks In Sports

On Sunday night, as part of black History Month, the Boston Police Department offered a tribute to a man who changed the history of American sports and advanced the cause of blacks in sports by being the first NBA coach to draft a black player, start an all-black starting lineup, and hire the black head coach in any major American sport, years before it was attempted in other sports.

There was one problem: Red Auerbach was white.

Despite the fact that Auerbach was color-blind when it came to excellence, helping him to win an astonishing nine championships in ten years, including eight in a row, unheard of in professional sports, and the fact that his appointment of Bill Russell as the coach of the Boston Celtics preceded the the first hiring of a black manager in baseball by eight years and the first black pro-football coach in the modern pro-era by 23 years, the police department's tweet prompted an uproar:

As a result of the indignation, the Boston Police Department deleted the tweet less than an hour after they posted it.

The entire incident prompted Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby to take aim at the protesters:


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