You Won’t Believe Why This California Senator Won’t Support Judge Gorsuch For The Supreme Court. It’s Asinine.


When California lost Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), it looked as though the title for Stupidest Woman In The United States Senate™ had been lost, too. But thanks to the election of Kamala Harris to fill her role, California has retained its titleholder.

On Friday, Harris tweeted:

And there was an op-ed to back up this idiotic contention. In it, Harris argued that Gorsuch, a man so qualified that literally not one Democrat cast a vote against him for his federal appellate court position, was unqualified to be on the Supreme Court. Why? Because the Court “has the power to do enormous good,” and Gorsuch wouldn’t do such good. What good would he forego as a result of being, you know, a judge? According to Harris, he would have voted to strike down laws forcing teachers to pay union dues. Because, you know, that’s a violation of their First Amendment rights, among other obvious legal issues.

But Harris says that because Gorsuch might take a look at that stupid old Constitution, he can’t be confirmed. “As US senators,” she writes, “we have an obligation to also examine a nominee’s legal approach and ask whether he or she considers the impact of those decisions on our society and the daily lives of our people.”
It would be awesome if we had some sort of independent elected branch to make public policy, wouldn’t it?
But according to Harris, judges should fufill the mandate of Thurgood Marshall, who said, “You do what you think is right and let the law catch up.” Which, coincidentally, is also something that dictators say.
But never mind. Harris knows what’s right for America: judges who openly ignore legalism in order to apply her standards of morality.