Why Are These Stars Still On Twitter?


Some prominent right-leaning minds can no longer tweet to their heart’s content.

Think Jordan Peterson, Mike Lindell, James O’Keefe, and Gen. Michael Flynn. “Don’t Burn This Country” author Dave Rubin nearly joined this list, but decided to delete an “offending” tweet to rejoin the platform.

The Babylon Bee is similarly blocked from tweeting its faux news headlines.

Twitter says each violated the platform’s community standards, and the claims are dubious for some of the aforementioned names.

Yet another group is allowed to thrive on the social media platform. They say incendiary things, spread fake news like wildfire, and promote physical violence against their political foes. And they live to tweet another day.

Meet the progressive stars who can say virtually anything they like without consequences from Twitter. Some are Hollywood heavy hitters. Others exist on the periphery of show business but still have outside influence.

They’re all secure in the knowledge that they won’t collide with Twitter’s censorious overlords, and if they do they’ll never face a full banishment. Why? It’s hard to deny the obvious. Each share the “approved” opinions that align with Twitter’s brain trust.

Bette Midler

The Divine Miss M. may be 76, but she’s forever young on Twitter. She uses the platform relentlessly, sharing her hard-Left views with her 2.1M followers. And, along the way, she cheers on physical violence against conservatives.

Perhaps the most egregious examples are the two times that Midler applauded the man who hospitalized Sen. Rand Paul in 2017. Paul’s neighbor, Rene Boucher, physically assaulted the Kentucky Republican, breaking six of his ribs and causing him to have part of one lung removed.

“Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him,” Midler tweeted in 2018.

Even the Left has been offended by some of her content, as she has also shared homophobic messages on Twitter, in an attempt to smite President Donald Trump.

Tom Arnold

The comic actor doesn’t command the stage like he did while married to Roseanne Barr. He does still work the comedy club circuit and snags occasional gigs, like his ill-fated VICE show “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes.”

He also weaponizes his Twitter account in some of the nastiest ways possible.

He’s used racially-charged language against both The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens and the politically engaged duo Diamond and Silk. The “True Lies” star also lashed out at Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, suggesting he’s a pedophile without a molecule of proof to back it up.

He’s the rare far-Left celebrity who felt a smidge of Twitter’s wrath. The platform allegedly removed one of his tweets suggesting someone assassinate President Trump.

Ron Perlman

The “Sons of Anarchy” standout spent four solid years attacking President Trump with every tweet he could muster.

The Trump years evidently brought out the worst in the veteran character actor. He once said he’d risk death to bring down President Trump, which could have been interpreted as a veiled threat of violence.

Along the way, Perlman showed just how malicious he could be on social media. The “Beauty and the Beast” alum once celebrated the death of Libertarian philanthropist David Koch and wished his brother would soon follow him to the grave, a message so ugly even Team Twitter cried foul.

Sometimes Perlman is so unhinged he deletes his own messages. He took a wild swipe at the Supreme Court following a concealed carry verdict, tweeting, “The latest Supreme Court decision on firearms neglects to say the one thing that they actually meant to say; for whites only.”

He quickly erased his missive.

Ellen Barkin

The “Animal Kingdom” star joined the ranks of celebrities wishing death on a sitting president in 2018. She also said disgraced comic Louis C.K. should be raped and shot on the social media platform. Oddly she received no pushback from Twitter, though she did eventually remove the tweets. 

Alec Baldwin

The “30 Rock” star may be in trouble for the accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust.” However, he is yet to be punished for any of his incendiary Twitter missives.

Baldwin once fantasized about President Trump getting pepper sprayed and knelt on until he ran out of oxygen. He also threatened to “find” a fellow Twitter user after they had brief words on the platform.

The versatile actor previously slung homophobic slurs on the site, and he compared President Trump to Hitler in another scorching hot and hateful message.

David Cross

Mr. Never Nude himself can play dirty on social media. Witness his response to President Joe Biden’s call for unity shortly after his election victory. “F*** that, I want Blood,” the “Arrested Development” alum cried. That tweet, of course, is still up.

Joss Whedon

The “Avengers” director’s career is in purgatory after his bullying behavior went viral in 2021. His rage-tweeting, however, didn’t so much as dent his professional career, nor boot him off of Twitter.

Whedon once mocked the appearance of cancer-stricken teens to score a cheap shot against Rep. Paul Ryan. That’s on top of his wish that Ryan get anally gored by a rhino until he died. He also called for President Trump’s death – a liberal celebrity’s de facto take on the Commander in Chief.

Whedon’s Twitter account is still active, but he stopped sending new messages in 2020.

Christian Toto is an award-winning journalist, movie critic and editor of HollywoodInToto.com. He previously served as associate editor with Breitbart News’ Big Hollywood. Follow him at @HollywoodInToto

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