EL PASO, TEXAS - MAY 11: In an aerial view, immigrants line up to be processed to make asylum claims at a makeshift migrant camp on May 11, 2023 in El Paso, Texas. The number of immigrants reaching the border has surged with the end of the U.S. government's Covid-era Title 42 policy, which for the past three years has allowed for the quick expulsion of irregular migrants entering the country. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
John Moore/Getty Images


While We Look Overseas, Terrorists Are Streaming Across Our Own Border


Most of the attention, at the moment, is focused on events overseas. This is understandable, to some extent, as the current conflict in the Middle East is obviously very important and has far reaching implications. The problem is that, first of all, our own leaders do not appear to be focusing on the right things. Namely, they should be focusing on doing everything they possibly can to avoid World War III. But they seem entirely uninterested in avoiding a global conflict. If anything, they are motivated in the opposite direction. Many of them seem to want a world war. And if they want it, they will get it.

Second, as our gaze is directed at events thousands of miles away, our own country finds itself in an increasingly dire situation. We may soon have Middle East style chaos in this country, thanks to our own undefended, unprotected borders. In fact, I probably shouldn’t use the word “may.” It will happen. We are inviting it. And I’ll explain what I mean.

First, however, let’s go back to one of the biggest lessons from 9/11, which is that hindsight bias gets people killed. Here’s how a lot of people thought prior to 9/11. They figured, well, no terrorist has hijacked a U.S. commercial aircraft, anywhere in the world, for well over a decade. They certainly have never flown them into buildings. Therefore, it’s crazy to worry about any terror group hijacking planes and flying them into buildings.

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Pretty much everyone in aviation thought like that. In fact, just months before 9/11, the leader of a major pilot safety association publicly opposed the idea of reinforced cockpit doors. He said, “Even if you make a vault out of the door, if they have a noose around my flight attendant’s neck, I’m going to open the door.” The 9/11 Commission put that quote in their report because the pilot’s attitude reflected FAA guidance at the time, which stated that airplane crews should do whatever hijackers want, because there’s no way they’d grab the controls and turn the plane into a missile.

The moment terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners, and flew three of them into buildings and one of them into the ground, everyone on the planet immediately understood how wrong the old way of thinking was. You don’t discount the risk of a particular type of terrorist attack by saying it hasn’t happened yet. Instead, you look for vulnerabilities in the existing system of defenses we have, because obviously, the terrorists are doing the same thing. That was supposedly settled after 9/11.

But apparently it’s not settled anymore, at least not in Washington. Last month, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing to investigate how an operative with ties to ISIS had managed to smuggle more than a dozen migrants from Uzbekistan into the United States through the southern border. The FBI still has no idea exactly how many Uzbekistanis this ISIS smuggler allowed into this country, nor do they have any way to track them all down — which isn’t surprising given that this past fiscal year, there were more illegal crossings at the border than at any other time in the history of this country.

How are Democrats’ preferred “immigration experts” responding to this development? 

Here’s a clip from last month’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, in which a vice president at the libertarian Cato Institute explains that Republicans are fearmongering about the border. Why? Because illegal migrants haven’t conducted any terrorist attacks yet. Watch:

He’s using pre-9/11 logic, and Democrats are nodding along. Terrorists haven’t used the wide-open southern border to conduct a large-scale terrorist attack so far. Therefore, you’re paranoid for thinking it’s a possibility. That’s the idea. Pretty much every Democrat in Congress endorses that view. Which is kind of like leaving the door of your house wide open at night while you go to sleep based on the logic that you’ve never been the victim of a home invasion robbery before. It hasn’t happened yet, and therefore will never happen, and therefore there’s no reason to do anything to prevent it from happening.

This is how they’re responding to the news that ISIS is bringing in migrants from Uzbekistan who are completely unvetted. That’s despite the fact that Uzbekistan has a long history of exporting terrorists to this country. On Halloween night in 2017, for example, a 29-year-old Uzbek migrant (here on a visa and later became a legal permanent resident) drove a truck into pedestrians and cyclists in Manhattan, killing eight of them and wounding many more. That attack followed the sentencing of another Uzbek migrant, also here on a visa, who was found guilty of terrorism charges for planning to bomb Coney Island.

Democrats (and libertarians, apparently) want you to ignore all of this, because those Uzbekistani terrorists didn’t arrive through the southern border. They came on a plane. Therefore, they’re saying, you have no reason to worry about border security.

It’s a totally nonsensical approach, but that’s what they’re going with. Republicans, for the most part, want you to focus on Ukraine and the Middle East. Mitch McConnell, who is somehow still in office, says Ukraine is our top priority.

As a result of this bipartisan consensus in Washington — this decision to focus on every other border except our own — there’s now a very real risk that Americans will die. As CNN reported, 

The episode [involving the ISIS smuggler] was so alarming that an urgent classified intelligence report was circulated to President Joe Biden’s top Cabinet officials in their morning briefing book. For some counterterrorism officials, it shows that the US is deeply vulnerable to the possibility that terrorists could sneak across the southern border by hiding amid the surge of migrants entering the country in search of asylum.

To be clear, the Biden administration isn’t simply ignoring this problem, they’re facilitating it. After 9/11, the U.S. government started using a category called “Special Interest Aliens” to flag migrants coming from countries that promote terrorism, such as Uzbekistan. The idea was to be transparent with Americans about who exactly is coming into this country, and from where. But the Biden administration has decided to hide that data.

At the same hearing, Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies also testified. He told lawmakers that, “The Biden administration has taken steps to obscure the numbers of special interest aliens from the US public, ending routine reporting of these ‘apprehensions by nationality.'” Indeed, on the Border Patrol website, they don’t list the number of special interest migrants coming from the vast majority of Muslim countries. They don’t want you to know how many people ISIS could be bringing to this country from places like Uzbekistan.

But many of those numbers have leaked anyway. And Todd Bensman told the House Judiciary Committee what they show. It turns out that our southern border is so overwhelmed with migrants that we’re not able to effectively screen special interest aliens at all. Watch:

Those numbers don’t even seem possible. Between October 2022 and August 2023 — that’s less than a year’s time — more than 75,000 special interest aliens were encountered by Border Patrol. Before the current border crisis, the number of special interest aliens encountered by Border Patrol officials was closer to 3,000. And these are just the migrants that were “encountered.” The actual number of special interest aliens arriving at our border is far larger.

And again, these are just the people coming from countries that the U.S. government believes are a high risk of terrorism. We’re also importing the rest of the Third World, too, without any vetting whatsoever. Along with de-policing, that’s leading to drastic increases in violent crime rates in this country. We’re not taking in families or stable households. We’re taking in mostly young men with no ties to this country and very little to lose. And in response, a lot more migrants are coming our way.

This was the scene in Mexico recently, as yet another large group of migrants, apparently from Haiti, broke through barriers at a refugee office:

You can see the crowd for yourself. When Democrats talk about illegal immigrants, they want you to imagine mothers with young children fleeing poverty and oppression. The huddled masses yearning to breathe free, they tell us. Because they think a poem engraved on a large statue carries the weight of law and should actually determine our immigration policy. But this does not really describe a great number of the immigrants pouring across the border. There are some mothers with young children.

But what you just saw in the video were a bunch of young, military-aged males. The sorts of people who could be of use in their own countries. They could be trying to improve their own homes, fighting to make their own countries prosperous — or at least livable — but instead they come here. And not always with the best of intentions.

This is what happens when politicians promise free healthcare to illegal aliens, as every Democratic Party presidential candidate did in the last election. 

This is what happens when the president of the United States announces his commitment to making America less white, and decides to defame any Border Patrol officer who tries to enforce the law.

This is what happens when we are more concerned with other country’s borders than our own. 

And this is why people from Haiti, and so many other countries, are heading for the U.S. border, which is not even remotely secure.

ISIS sees this happening. Every terrorist organization on the planet sees it happening. They saw the atrocities that Hamas was just able to commit against Israel, which has one of the most closely surveilled and guarded borders on the entire planet. There is no doubt that they’re looking at our open border as an opportunity to commit similar acts of barbarism in this country.

Courtesy of ISIS, there’s reason to believe that many of these terrorists are already here. We can either respond by closing and militarizing the border and beginning mass deportations, or we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable.

There will be an attack. The Left will pretend to re-learn the lessons of 9/11 all over again. And American citizens — who are the only citizens our leaders are supposed to protect and defend — will die as a result.


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