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WATCH: Trevor Noah To Hillary Clinton: ‘How Did You Kill Jeffrey Epstein?’
Trevor Noah
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

On Thursday, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah asked twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton how she managed to kill billionaire registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

“Hillary, I have to ask you a question that has been plaguing me for a while,” started Noah. “How did you kill Jeffery Epstein?”

Mrs. Clinton erupted in her signature forced laughter as her daughter Chelsea Clinton, sitting alongside her, smiled.

Noah deployed the question in fashioning Hillary a “boogeyman” for the Right.

“Because you’re not in power but you have all the power. I really need to understand how you do what you do, because you seem to be behind everything nefarious, and yet you do not use it to become president,” he said, according to Fox News.

The former secretary of state gleefully accepted the position as victim and complained about being “constantly” plagued by “conspiracy theories.”

“The things they say, and now, of course, it’s on steroids with being online, are so ridiculous, beyond any imagination that I could have. And yet they are so persistent in putting forth these crazy ideas and theories. Honestly, I don’t know what I ever did to get them to upset. … I’ve gotten kind of used to it,” she told Noah.

It seems Mrs. Clinton has been complaining about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” since the late 1990s, when it came to light that “bimbos” accused her husband, then-president Bill Clinton, of sexual misconduct, including rape.

As noted by NBC News in 2016, “The Clintons have long maintained that a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ is out to get them, as Hillary Clinton told NBC News’ Matt Lauer not long after The Drudge Report introduced the world to Monica Lewinsky in 1998.”

Theories surrounding the death of Epstein have swirled since his apparent suicide inside a Metropolitan Detention Center in New York City jail cell back in August.

Adding fuel to theories of homicide, forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who was hired by Epstein’s brother, claimed Wednesday that characteristics of the 66-year-old’s death are consistent with homicide.

Moreover, as noted by The Daily Wire, “Cameras, trained on Epstein’s jail cell, went conveniently dark that night, malfunctioning at just the right time and failing to record Epstein’s suicide. The accused pedophile had recently been taken off suicide watch and two jail guards, assigned to check up on Epstein every thirty minutes, ‘failed to follow procedure’ according to Reuters leaving the accused pedophile alone for an extended period of time.”

“There’s also the matter of a small chin bone — the ‘hyoid bone’ — that forms a horseshoe just underneath the chin around where a human’s skull connects to his spine, just above the Adam’s Apple,” The Daily Wire noted. “Jeffrey Epstein’s was broken  — something that, USA Today and others report happens only rarely in cases of suicide by hanging (about 6% of the time), but is common in cases of death by strangulation.”

To watch the full interview, click here (relevant comments begin around the 6-minute mark).

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