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WATCH: Steven Crowder, Owen Benjamin Confront ‘Slanderous Professor’ Mid-Class

By  James

The team over at Louder With Crowder went above and beyond for their latest “Crowder Confronts” episode, which includes a guest-star appearance from comedian Owen Benjamin, a lot of white spandex, and a custom-made “I AM NOT A NAZI” sign.

Steven Crowder decided it was high time to confront a UT Arlington logic professor who smeared him as an “alt-right Neo-Nazi” and spread fabricated genocidal tweets ahead of his appearance at Southern Methodist University. In response, Crowder had his lawyer send the professor a request for retraction and correction. Instead, the professor repeatedly accused Crowder of threatening him and his family and supposedly calling on his supporters to harass him, which Crowder says is nonsense.

When the comedian called campus police on air to see if there was any validity to the professor’s claims of threats, he learned there was none. After the administration refused his request to take action about the professor repeatedly slandering him, Crowder says he had no choice but to try to engage him in person. Here’s the wild result:

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