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WATCH: Stephen Colbert Admits ‘Justice Barrett Is Inevitable, Like Death’
NEW YORK - AUGUST 26: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during Tuesday's August 25, 2020 show. The Late Show will broadcast LIVE during the Republican National Convention. Image is a screen grab.
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Late-night host Stephen Colbert sees the writing on the wall: “Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett” is a future that the Democrats must come to terms with.

Speaking on his show Monday night, the comedian who has turned his platform into a  political forum, with jokes largely torching President Donald Trump, admitted Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the last Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat “is inevitable, like death.”

“We’ve had some fun with Donald Trump over the years, we’ve laughed,  we’ve cried. We mostly cried. But every once in a while, you get a troubling reminder that he is the president,” Colbert began. “Like this weekend when to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court, Trump nominated federal judge and in-house attorney at Westworld, Amy Coney Barrett.”

“Senate Republicans celebrated by hocking fundraising T-shirts that say, ‘Notorious A.C.B.’  R.B.G’s not even in the ground yet and you’re stealing her nickname,” he continued. “That’s the most ghoulish move since when Andrew Johnson called himself ‘Honest Andy, I shall not perish from the earth.'”

Colbert then cited an ABC News poll showing that a full 57% of Americans feel that the Supreme Court seat should be left vacant until after the election. He then lamented how the majority of Americans rarely get what they want in this country, citing the 2016 election.

“The majority of Americans do not want Trump to fill R.B.G’s seat right now, but if the majority of Americans got what they wanted, Hillary Clinton would be president, Jon Snow would be on the Iron Throne, and Mallomars would be available year-round,” he quipped.

Though Democrats may not like the outcome, Colbert finally admitted that there is little the party can do to stop Barrett’s confirmation after playing a clip of Sen. Dick Durbin from over the weekend saying that they can only slow it down by a few hours or possibly days.

“We can slow it down perhaps a matter of hours, maybe days at the most, but we can’t stop the outcome,” Durbin told George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.

“Senator Durbin is right, Justice Barrett is inevitable, like death and Donald Trump not paying this taxes,” concluded Colbert.

As reported by HuffPo, Democratic strategists have been working around the clock to cook up plans that could stall or derail Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

“There aren’t many options available to keep this from happening. But progressive activist groups and, increasingly, members of the party’s elite are pushing Senate Democrats to deploy every tool available to fight this nomination. Democrats are also being urged to threaten retribution for this appointment, if it comes to pass, in the form of adding justices to the Supreme Court and eliminating the legislative filibuster,” the report said.

Though Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reportedly said that “nothing is off the table” in the fight to protect Ginsburg’s seat, CNN legal expert Jeff Toobin said that Democrats will wimp out and not put up much of a fight.

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