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WATCH: Pro-Life Activist Left Bloody Outside Abortion Clinic After Saying ‘Jesus Loves You’

Last week, a pro-life activist was assaulted by a man outside an abortion clinic in Fort Worth, Texas, after saying, “Jesus loves you.”

Ryan Roberts, the founder of Abortion Clinic LIVE, was attempting to dissuade women from aborting their babies at Whole Women’s Health in Fort Worth when a man threatened to kill him and then punched him in the face several times, reported FaithWire.

“This place kills babies! Can we help you?” Roberts is heard yelling to a man in a truck during a Facebook Live event, a clip from which has since been posted to YouTube.

Noticing the Christian bumper stickers on the truck, including one that said “Christ is King,” Roberts told the man he liked his truck.

Then the man unintelligibly responded, causing Roberts to approach him for clarification.

“We’re about to adopt a baby …” Roberts told the man.

“Do you want to die?” the man in the truck interrupted.

“What do you mean?” Roberts asked.

“You and your whole family,” the man replied.

“What are you talking about?” Roberts asked.

“You need to get going,” the man said.

“Jesus loves you, man,” Roberts replied calmly. “My mom almost aborted me, that’s why I come here.”

The man then reversed his truck into the street and began to drive away.

“Jesus loves you, sir!” Roberts yelled at the truck, which appeared to be leaving. “A girl just cried earlier. She walked out and kept her baby. She loved me. She prayed with me.”

Then the truck stopped and the man got out and charged at Roberts and brutally punched him in the face several times, leaving his face dripping with blood. The man then got back in the truck and kept driving up and down the street revving his engine, said Roberts.

Roberts, seemingly in shock, composed himself and then resumed his mission to save babies from being aborted.

“Please don’t do this to your little baby today!” Roberts yelled while spitting out blood. “That little baby loves you! Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Father God. Thank you, Lord.”

As a man entered the clinic, Roberts begged him to not abort a baby.

“This just happened to me, sir,” he said. “I just got hit and assaulted for your little baby. Sir, look at me. Jesus loves you, man. I’m here to save your baby, man. I just got hit and I’ll do it again for your little kid. Sir, I’m begging you in Jesus name, look at me, bro, I just got hit. Jesus loves you, bro.”

“I don’t blame him,” the man responded.

“You don’t blame him? Okay thanks,” Roberts responded. “Those little babies deserve to live bro. You’re going to be a good dad.”

The assailant was driving by the pro-life activists and was not with a patient Mark Dickson, the lead pastor of SovereignLOVE Church who was present at the incident, told The Daily Wire.

“There was a lot of hate in the air and one thing led to another,” Dickson said. “After Ryan left, another guy threatened me.”

Dickson said that he has been standing outside abortion clinics since 2012 and that threats aren’t uncommon.

In an interview with The Daily Wire, Roberts said that the man was quickly identified by police but not arrested and that an investigator is on the case. Roberts added that he believed the man was on drugs and was also told the man was recently released from a mental hospital.

Roberts hopes that the man is charged with a hate crime.

“Honestly I haven’t thought much about that man,” Roberts said. “I wish the story was about the teenage girl who walked out an hour before and decided to keep her baby and prayed with me. It was never about me and the pain that I felt, it was about the probably 40 babies being murdered behind the brick wall.”

Following the attack, Roberts posted a photo on Facebook of him and his daughter with the caption: “There is nothing like getting snuggles from your baby girl after getting beat up for trying to save other baby boys and girls.”

According to Robert’s Facebook page, his protests have been successful at saving some unborn babies.

On Monday, he posted a photo of a baby shower invitation on Facebook that he says he received from a woman he talked out of getting an abortion.

“I just received this BABY SHOWER INVITATION in the mail from a girl I met and prayed with at the Abortion Clinic months ago who decided to keep her baby,” his caption said. “Thank you Jesus!”

On the day of the attack he said that he stopped a teenage girl from getting an abortion.

Roberts, who is a football coach, said he has been going to the clinic five to six times a week since June when he found out his parents intended to abort him.

“I found out many months ago that my parents took out a 500 loan to abort me so that’s what led me to start going to the clinic,” Roberts said. “That was before my parents knew Jesus and were unmarried. My mom was stressed out financially and didn’t really know my dad that well. But when I was six they found Jesus.”

Roberts said he always lived streamed his time outside the clinic and has had up to 600,000 views on Facebook prior to Facebook deleting his videos and preventing him from going live on his account for supposedly breaking Facebook policy.

“All the liberal activists and pro-choice people started reporting me for harassment,” Roberts said. “I’ve been blocked for about 2 months. I’ve had no answers from Facebook for why I’ve been blocked for this long. It’s crazy.”

Roberts said he uses a friend’s account to go live and continue broadcasting his activism.

During his activism, Roberts says two nurses have quit and one told him she quit after she saw a 16-week-old decapitated baby boy.

“I’ve been threatened almost punched numerous times,” Roberts added. “They installed sound-proof windows around the entire thing.”

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