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WATCH: ‘Armageddon’ Comedy Sketch Spoofs #MeToo Insanity

Sketch group “Riot Act” has created the perfect comedic illustration of #MeToo insanity with their new Armageddon-style spoof.

Written by Adam Yenser, a writer for “The Ellen Show,” and directed by Daily Wire writer Paul Bois, the sketch focuses on a doomsday scenario wherein an astroid is headed straight for Earth and only one man has the ability to save the world: an MIT-educated 1st Division Space Force commander named, aptly, “Dick Missile.”

But upon accepting the mission to save the world, Dick Missile becomes plagued with Kavanaugh-esque vague and years-old accusations of sexual misconduct by Brave Women™.

“Dick Missile harassed me!” shouts a reporter in the middle of a press conference concerning the mission. “He harassed me! The sexual kind.”

While working at Radio Shack in his pre-Space Force days, Dick Missile “alerted me and said, ‘I want to explore Uranus,” shouts the reporter.”

“Oh, come on. I was trying to be an astronaut!” he answers.

Similarly absurd accusations follow as a complicit media praise the innately Brave Women™ and smear Dick Missile.

Will the world be saved, or will Space Force cave to the virtue-signaling Left in our climate of #MeToo Hysteria and doom the world? You can probably figure that one out.

Along the way, the sketch also pokes fun at the media’s Trump obsession and celebrities’ empty “altruistic” behavior.


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