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WATCH: Anti-Trump Rioter Sprays Girl In Face With Pepper Spray

Leftist “anti-fascist” rioters converged on the campus of UC Berkeley on Wednesday and, through violence, vandalism and assault, successfully shut down free speech at the birthplace of free speech movement. They also did utterly cowardly things like spray girls in the face with pepper spray.

Watch below as the completely calm, reasonable girl, who made the grave mistake of wearing a red hat amidst protesters rioters covering their faces with bandanas, gets attacked with pepper spray.

As Twitchy notes, the assault occurs just after she actually praised the anti-Trump protesters who were there making a statement peacefully, like she was.

Here’s another angle:

By the way, that hat she was attacked for wearing said “Make Bitcoin Great Again.” Apparently, the enlightened assailant doesn’t only struggle with things like decency and restraint.

As the Daily Wire has chronicled, the rioting that destroyed public and private property and led to the injury of several people was all in reaction to a gay conservative having the temerity to appear on a college campus and voice opinions the fascist “anti-fascists” don’t like.

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More stunning video from the riot below:

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