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WALSH: WHO’s Horrifying Sex Ed Guidelines Are Enough Reason To Defund Them

By  Matt Walsh
Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

There was much consternation and outrage when President Trump suspended funding to the World Health Organization last week. Outrage aside, WHO clearly deserves to lose funding just on the basis of the past two months alone. This is a health organization that has addressed a global pandemic by getting nearly everything wrong every step of the way. WHO originally covered for China and downplayed the threat posed by COVID-19, then reversed itself and called for draconian lockdowns, insisting that easing them could cause the virus to “reignite,”  and then seemingly reversed itself again by putting Sweden forward as a “model” for battling the epidemic. I’m not sure that this performance is quite worth the $400 million in funding that we had been forking out.

But the case against WHO goes well beyond its stumbling response to the coronavirus. For many years, WHO has been a leading advocate for sexualizing and grooming children with radical “sex ed” courses. The Federalist has some details:

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