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WALSH: White Privilege Is A Myth. Here’s How Privilege Really Works In America.
A woman holds a placard reading "White privilege" during a demonstration on June 14, 2020, in Barcelona, as part of the worldwide protests against racism and police brutality. - The protests are part of a worldwide movement following the killing in the United States of African-American man George Floyd who died after a white policeman knelt on his neck for several minutes. (Photo by Josep LAGO / AFP)
JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images

A few months ago, a region of our country was devastated by massive flooding. Entire neighborhoods were under water. Footage of the damage looks almost Biblical. But you probably hadn’t heard of this natural disaster, and the reason you hadn’t heard of it is probably because it happened in Eastern Kentucky. 

Many of the homes destroyed by the catastrophe were trailer parks. Many of the affected communities were poor rural towns. The misfortunes suffered by the people in these areas very rarely attract the attention of anyone on the outside, which is an especially egregious oversight considering their misfortunes are so numerous. 

Ben Shapiro
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