WALSH: Twitter Is Enabling A Predator And Silencing The Women Who Stand Up To Him


The saga of Jessica Yaniv, the transgrender predator who is trying to legally force women to touch his penis, features many creepy twists and turns. The very fact that Canada is taking his complaint seriously — actually deliberating over the claim that his human rights were somehow violated when female estheticians declined to wax his testicles — is so ludicrous as to seem satirical. There is a part of me that at first wondered whether Yaniv might be a brilliant and committed satirist, out to expose the inherent absurdity of left-wing gender theory. It turns out, of course, that he is just a repugnant, degenerate creep.

As I wrote yesterday, Yaniv has been surprisingly upfront about his real intentions. He has repeatedly expressed interest in meeting young, menstruating girls in the bathroom, and wondered whether he might have the opportunity to help them with their pads and tampons. He has also reportedly been caught taking pictures of young female beauty pageants at a hotel — an incident so terrifying for the pageant organizer that she threatened to call the cops if he returns. Most disturbing of all, Yaniv wants to have a pool party for kids 12 and over. And he has made two stipulations about this pool event: The kids can be topless, and parents are not allowed to attend.

The latest development is horrifyingly predictable. A woman has come forward, with screenshots, to allege that Yaniv sexually harrassed her online when she was only 15 years old. His alleged comments to her make the skin crawl. Among other things, he requests to see a picture of her used tampon.

It is bad enough that a man like Yaniv is operating in this world. What makes it a travesty and an outrage is that powerful forces are enabling him. The Canadian government should be investigating Yaniv’s apparent interest in naked children, but instead it is investigating the women who refused to handle his genitalia. And then there is Twitter, a company that claims to have zero tolerance for harassment, bullying, and child sexual exploitation, but which has provided a platform for a man who seems to engage in all three. Worse still, Twitter is actively banning accounts — especially those run by women — that stand up to Yaniv’s disgusting behavior.

Several months ago, Twitter issued a permanent ban to Megan Murphy, a feminist who committed the crime of questioning Yaniv’s claims of womanhood. Just last week, Twitter permanently banned free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd after she defended herself against Yaniv’s bullying. Yaniv sexually degraded Shepherd, saying, “At least my p***y is tight not loose after pushing out a 10 pound baby.” When Shepherd responded — tamely, in comparison — Yaniv took his provocations to the next level, making fun of her septate uterus, a medical condition that can cause miscarriages among other things. “I heard Donald Trump is building a wall inside your uterus aka your ‘reproductive abnormality,” Yaniv taunted. When Shepherd had finally had enough and called him an “ugly fat man” (a perfectly accurate description, I might add), she was banned from the platform. Yaniv faced no penalties at all.

Twitter is guilty of many egregiously biased actions, but none more so than this. Yaniv’s comments are, by any current definition of the terms, bigoted, sexist, misogynist, and ableist. And they constitute harassment, according to Twitter’s own terms of use. Yet the social media giant silences the victims of sexual harassment while allowing the harasser to stay and harass another day. There is simply no defense for this decision, so it is fortunate for Twitter that it has not been forced to offer one. What could Twitter possibly say — that it’s okay to make vulgar and degrading remarks about a woman’s body and mock her for her medical condition, but calling a man a man crosses the line? If that is how Twitter feels, the company should say so. Twitter should just come out with it: “The feelings of a gender-confused man who wants to swim with naked children in the pool trump the feelings of women who are the target of his sexually charged mockery.” Twitter should have to at least say that, if that is indeed the policy. What the company should not be able to do is enable a predator, silence women, and face no scrutiny whatsoever in the matter.

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