WALSH: Pro-Abortion Doc Claims Prominent Pro-Life Advocate Confessed That She Was ‘Acting.’ There Is Good Reason To Be Skeptical.

BURBANK, CA - JULY 4 : Attorney Gloria Allred and Norma McCorvey (R),'Jane Roe' plaintiff from Landmark court case Roe vs. Wade during Pro Choice Rally, July 4, 1989 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images)
Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images

Sixty million human beings have been slaughtered by abortion since it was legalized in this country. It is no surprise that the supporters of this massacre would lack ethical scruples. Which is why I was disgusted though not surprised by the article in the Daily Beast gloating about a documentary that supposedly shows Jane Roe of Roe V. Wade fame “confessing” on her “deathbed” that her pro-life conversion was all an act that she put on for money. 

Backing up for moment, Norma McCorvey, also known as Jane Roe, was the woman at the center of the infamous legal case that resulted in abortion being legalized across the country. It is well known that McCorvey, later in life, had a change of heart and became an outspoken and prominent pro-life activist. This fact has always been a source of heartburn for pro-abortion activists who were quite upset that they couldn’t continue using her to keep abortion legalized after using her to get it legalized in the first place. But it seems that they’ve found a way to manipulate and exploit her again, in death. 

According to The Daily Beast, the upcoming FX documentary “AKA Jane Roe” will show McCorvey shortly before her death in a nursing home in 2017 claiming that her pro-life turn was all an act. Supposedly she “admits” that pro-life operatives paid her to lie and pretend to be pro-life. This supposed revelation has been met with all of the grotesque bragging and football-spiking that you would expect from people who, again, support and applaud the mass butchery of human children. But there is good reason to be extremely skeptical.

McCorvery was an elderly woman hooked up to an oxygen tank in a nursing home when Nick Sweeney, the documentary’s director, showed up to interview her. We should note that Sweeney is a far left radical whose previous films include a BBC special celebrating “transgender” children. This is someone with an obvious political agenda talking to an old, dying, and clearly troubled woman. Another figure who apparently features prominently in the film is Reverend Rob Schenck, an evangelical minister who had his own conversion experience several years ago. In his case, he went from being a pro-life activist to a staunch defender of abortion rights. Schenck now says that overturning Roe v. Wade would lead to “chaos and pain.” This, to reiterate, is not an objective piece of work dispassionately documenting a woman’s honest confession. This is far left propaganda. The appropriate portions of salt must be taken along with it.

It is important to realize that McCorvey’s pro-life transition happened over the course of several years. If she was acting, then this was method acting that would put Daniel Day Lewis to shame. Many people who knew McCorvey personally have come forward to say that she spoke passionately about her pro-life convictions even in private. Was that all part of the act? Or are these people in on the conspiracy? Speaking of conspiracies, who are these nefarious pro-lifers who conspired with McCorvey and paid her to pretend to be pro-life for 20 years? I have been in the movement myself for many years and I’m not aware of any smokey backrooms where these kinds of plots are hatched. Maybe I just haven’t been invited. 

In fact, The Daily Beast mentions that McCorvey, as part of her conversion to Catholicism, eventually broke off her romantic relationship with another woman. Her struggle with same sex attraction is something that McCorvey spoke about, as The Daily Beast says, in “anguished interviews.” So was that an act, too? Did this woman dedicate decades of her life to some sort of bizarre conservative satire routine? That’s what you would have to believe in order to take the deathbed confession story at face value. McCorvey would have had to lie about almost everything, to almost everyone, for decades, and all for what? Some money from a non-existent pro-life cabal? I’m sure she could have made much more as a pro-abortion figurehead. Planned Parenthood, Guttmacher Institue, NARAL, NOW — these are organizations with a lot of cash to throw around. Much more than any pro-life organization can offer. If McCorvey was nothing but a mercenary out for a quick buck, she didn’t need to fake a pro-life conversation to earn it. The whole idea is plainly absurd.

So then why did she make this claim? I don’t know. Maybe it’s all true. Maybe Jane Roe was a very dedicated performance artist. Or maybe she was a confused old woman being manipulated by pro-abortion activists. Or maybe some other explanation. Who knows? Of course, in the end, none of this has any effect on the reality of abortion. And that reality is what I said at the top. It is an act of violence against the innocent, and 60 million innocents have died because of it. Whatever Norma McCorvey did or didn’t think, abortion is a hideous evil. And the transparent attempt to exploit an old woman, who is now dead and unavailable for further comment, is also hideously evil. Truly these people will stop at nothing. 

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