WALSH: Nick Cannon Demonstrated That Racism Is Still Acceptable In America – As Long As It’s Anti-White

Host Nick Cannon accepts the Anne Douglas Award on behalf of Kevin and Eniko Hart onstage at The Los Angeles Mission Legacy Of Vision Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 24, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)
Rich Fury/Getty Images

It is difficult to decipher much of what Nick Cannon says in his rambling racist tirade against white people – he appears, for one thing, to think that melanin is some sort of supernatural potion that endows darker skinned people with superior virtue and intelligence – but the basic points are clear. Cannon believes that white people are “lesser,” “savages,” “barbarians,” and suffering from a “deficiency.” Whites also lack “compassion,” “self-esteem,” and “soul,” and “the only way they can act is evil.”

Whatever else we might say about this, we should be grateful that Nick Cannon performed the valuable service of demonstrating what genuine racism sounds like. The word is misused and misapplied so often that it can sometimes be easy to forget that racism is a real thing. The Left has made “racist” interchangeable with “has opinions that differ from my own,” but that is not what racism actually is. Rather, racism is the belief that a certain race of people are lesser, savage, barbaric, and deficient. Which is exactly what Nick Cannon said about whites. Textbook racism, you might say.

Of course, if a white celebrity (or white non-celebrity) used even one of these terms to describe black people, he would be rightly condemned by everyone, all parties, from all corners, everywhere, and would immediately lose every job he currently has and might have had in the future. This would all happen with lightening speed and there would be no one, except on the fringes of the fringe, speaking up in defense of him. That’s because, contrary to the claims of “systemic” and “inherent” racism in American culture, anti-black racism is not only rejected by the mainstream, but is perhaps the view most rejected by the mainstream. And not just by the mainstream. It is rejected almost everywhere in America, in the mainstream and nearly all of its tributaries. This is a very good thing, and a sign of progress, though it doesn’t mean anti-black racism no longer exists. It is just that anti-black racism has a very difficult time finding safe harbor or a sounding board or a cheering section.

This is not the case for anti-white racism, which is often ignored, tacitly accepted, or outright defended. We have seen all three of these options on display with the Nick Cannon story. ViacomCBS did terminate its relationship with the professed bigot – a pretty severe financial penalty, to be sure – but the corporation very conspicuously avoided denouncing Cannon’s anti-white racism in their statement on the matter. In fact, their official reason for firing him has nothing at all to do with calling white people savage barbarians. They were instead focused on separate comments Cannon made promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, calling black people “the true Hebrews,” and claiming that blacks cannot be anti-Semitic because they are the “real Semitic people.” This is obviously false, bizarre, and objectionable. Even worse is essentially claiming that a whole race of people are subhuman. ViacomCBS ignored the latter, seeming to suggest that if Cannon hadn’t mentioned Jewish people, and had stuck to dehumanizing the white race, he’d still have a job today.

Most of the media coverage has followed Viacom’s lead, choosing to pretend that one of the country’s most famous and ubiquitous celebrities didn’t just claim that a whole race is comprised of evil savages. An article in Essence summarizes the racist diatribe as a conversation about “violence at the hands of white people.” Other articles seem to paint Cannon as the aggrieved party while again making no mention of his explicitly racist attack against whites.

Like his now-former employer Viacom, when Cannon issued his official apology Wednesday night, he felt no need to address his anti-white comments, focusing entirely on his anti-Semitic claims.

That is what ignoring and tacitly accepting anti-white racism looks like. But, as I said, there are always plenty of people ready to outright defend it. Just look at Nick Cannon’s Twitter or Facebook page and you will see hundreds of people expressing their support for him, many of whom explicitly endorse his racist comments. Some high-profile BLM activists and proponents have come valiantly to Cannon’s defense. And Cannon’s explicit defenders include some of the most powerful forces in media, like Sean “Diddy” Combs, who offered the racist a job and expressed solidarity with him, saying “We are for our people first!” Famous athletes have gotten in on the action as well. In a now-deleted tweet, former NBA star Dwayne Wade praised Cannon’s leadership and declared, “We are with you!”

This normalization of anti-white racism has real world consequences. As I have previously documented, there have been a slew of brutally violent attacks against white people in recent weeks, and though none of them have been prosecuted as hate crimes (but pouring paint on a BLM mural somehow is a hate crime), it is difficult to believe that there is no racial motivation to these assaults.

What else can we expect? When a certain demographic is constantly portrayed as the villain, and all the evil in the world is blamed on them, and hatred and degradation of this group is studiously ignored or outright justified, we cannot be surprised to see this carefully cultivated resentment and suspicion spill over into violence and worse. It’s a story as old as humanity. We have seen it play out countless times. Now the cycle is beginning again. There is nothing new under the Sun.

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