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WALSH: If We Are Tearing Down Memorials To Men Who Did Bad Things, What About George Floyd Memorials?

By  Matt Walsh
A mural painted by artist Kenny Altidor depicting George Floyd is unveiled on a sidewall of CTown Supermarket on July 13, 2020 in the Brooklyn borough New York City. George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis and his death has sparked a national reckoning about race and policing in the United States. (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Two familiar sights could be seen in different parts of the country over the last few weeks. In Buffalo, yet another statue of Christopher Columbus was removed at the behest of protesters. This joins the ranks of the dozens upon dozens of other statues and memorials of our historical heroes that have been taken down according to the demands of the mob, or simply torn down by the mob itself.

Meanwhile, over in Minnesota, yet another mural of George Floyd was unveiled. This one joins the growing number of other Floyd murals across the nation and around the world. And the murals are merely one way that our society has honored Floyd. Streets have been unofficially named after him and university buildings may soon follow. Nancy Pelosi gave Floyd’s family a folded American flag a gesture more often reserved for the families of fallen war heroes and Senate Democrats knelt silently for eight minutes in his honor. The place where Floyd died has even become something of a holy land where pilgrims go to be baptized and miraculously healed.

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