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WALSH: The Terrifying And Dangerous Transphobia Of The Democrat Party

By  Matt Walsh

After President Trump’s State of the Union Address, which included a compelling section calling for the prohibition of late-term abortion, senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris took to Twitter to register her objection. “Politicians should not tell women what to do with their bodies,” she wrote, eloquently emphasizing each word with little clapping hand emojis. It was the most transphobic statement ever tweeted. I, for one, was devastated.

Harris knows as well as anyone that gender is a social construct. Issues of reproductive health are not exclusive to women. Why would she assume that Trump was telling only women what to do with their bodies? Men can get pregnant, too. Men can have uteruses. Man can have ovaries. Men can give birth. Just as a woman might have a penis and no ovaries. Any anatomical combination is possible with any of the 346 genders. Kamala Harris knows this. All modern leftists know this. Yet, in an act of unspeakable bigotry, revealing her own ingrained prejudices, she associated pregnancy only with women. Harris single-handedly transported us back to the dark ages.

In fact, the entire night was one huge display of transphobia and cis-het chauvinism on the part of biologically female Democrats. They even dressed in an exclusionary manner, donning white pantsuits in celebration of women’s suffrage or something. Notice how only biological females were invited to participate in this demonstration or protest or whatever it was.

To make matters worse, the entire white pantsuit brigade erupted in raucous applause to celebrate all of the “women” elected to Congress in 2018. They didn’t want to applaud unemployment or sex trafficking prevention, but they did take advantage of the opportunity to give themselves a standing ovation. But, again, it was a highly discriminatory display. How can they applaud the achievements of “women” when the word “women” is just a social construct and has no discernible meaning? A woman could just as easily be a man and a man could be a woman. A member of either biological group could be genderless, or pan gendered, or tri gendered, or gender questioning. When the Democrats “celebrate women,” they are merely celebrating the meaningless and arbitrary biological XY framework upon which any gender might be built. But to celebrate the framework is to negate the importance of a person’s true gender, which may bear no relation to biology at all.

This is their own logic. I’m just accepting it. For the sake of argument, anyway. Liberals still have not faced the fact that their progressive gender theory completely undermines, negates, and rules out, all of the feminist “girl power” stuff. They want to have their gender cake and eat it, too. One minute they want us to believe that gender is fluid and a person’s body parts have nothing at all to do with the matter, the next minute they want us to jump for joy because a bunch of people with vaginas were elected to Congress. The two ideas stand in obvious conflict. They must choose. Or else they will have to face the fact that every time they go off on a feminist tangent, they are, according their own ideology, guilty of transphobic bigotry.

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