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WALSH: Harvard Anti-Homeschool Summit Set To Feature Speaker Who Believes ‘The State Confers Parenthood’

By  Matt
Jack, aged 5 from Essex, continues his homeschool work during the 2nd week of school closures due to the coronavirus.
Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

An upcoming Harvard summit on the dangers of homeschooling will feature lectures and discussions led by various Ivy League professors, bureaucrats, and doctors. The point of the whole event is basically that parents have no business teaching things to their kids. Based on the published agenda for the summit, there doesn’t appear to be much of an emphasis on intellectual diversity. For example, a debate titled “Reform Proposals” will have one side making the case for greater regulatory oversight of homeschoolers and the other side making the case for an outright ban of the practice. The idea that parents should be free to educate their children without government agencies breathing down their neck is not being considered.

As it happens, that debate is set to be moderated by Professor James Dwyer, who will also be delivering the opening and closing remarks on the first and last days of the event, respectively. To give you an idea of where the distinguished professor is coming from, he has stated that parenthood itself only exists because the government allows it to. In his words: “The reason the parent-child relationship exists is because the State confers legal parenthood.”

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