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WALSH: Governor Cuomo’s Justification Of The Shutdowns Is Incoherent And Immoral

By  Matt
New York Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo speaks to supporters at the Sheraton New York on election night, November 2, 2010 in New York City.
Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images

As antibody tests across the country, including New York, indicate that the virus is far less deadly and far wider spread than previously reported, the conclusion is becoming even more inescapable that the lockdowns were a massive mistake. What some argued all along is now being vindicated by the data: we wrecked the economy for no good reason. But don’t expect those politicians and bureaucrats behind this historic blunder to take any responsibility. Instead, they are resorting to ever more deranged justifications for the policies that have left over 26 million jobless and relegated millions of Americans to the food bank line.

Of all the deranged justifications, perhaps none can top New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s diatribe at a press briefing yesterday. When asked whether the economic devastation from the lockdowns may prove more disastrous than the illness itself, Cuomo rejected the premise of the question, stating that nothing can be worse than the illness because “the illness is death.” He explained that this is especially a problem because the illness may be “my death as opposed to your death.” He then claimed, incredibly, that while economic hardship and domestic violence are “very bad” results of the shutdowns, they are “not death.” Cuomo also argued that the people who want to go to work are too focused on themselves – “it’s not just about you,” he declared – and that ending the shutdowns may result in the deaths of other people besides those who want the shutdowns to end.

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