WALSH: ‘Gender Neutral Parenting’ Is Child Abuse


NBC reports on a parenting trend with a name as stupid as the thing itself: “theybies.” This is the designation certain upper-class, white, liberal parents have given to their children, whom they have decided to raise without “gender labels.”

The NBC article focuses on Nate and Julia Sharpe, parents of Zyler and Kadyn Sharpe. The biological sex of Zyler and Kadyn has been hidden from everyone, including Zyler and Kadyn themselves. They are aware of their own body parts, but they have not been told what those parts mean. They do not know their own identities. Nate and Julia will keep that secret under lock and key until the children are old enough to decide for themselves. They will reach this magical age sometime around four or five, apparently. They will not yet have reached the age where they are old enough to make themselves a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but they will be old enough to decide their own gender.

Of course, we run into some logical problems here. There are approximately 6,782 logical problems, actually, but let’s mention just a few: If biological sex is meaningless and gender is a social construct, what does it mean to “choose” a gender? You just said gender is something arbitrary and invented. If a boy chooses to be a girl based on his affinity for girly things, has he not made this decision based on the very construct that you are trying to abolish? And if he makes the decision based on nothing at all, then hasn’t the word “girl” just become another word for “boy”? If “girl” and “boy” have no meaning then you cannot choose to be one or the other. If they do have meaning, then the choice must be based on something objective. You can’t have it both ways.

Also, if you haven’t told your children anything about “boy” and “girl,” and they haven’t learned to associate those labels with anything in particular, then what in the world does it mean for them to choose one? Isn’t that like telling them to choose between gobbledygook and gookledygobble?

But these are just problems of logic, which are insurmountable in their own right. The real problem, though, is the effect this nonsense will have on the innocent kids subjected to it. Nate and Julia, in an effort to show off to their liberal friends, have deprived their children of identity. It is bad enough to deprive a child of physical necessities. This is even worse. They are not allowing their kids to know themselves. Certain crucial and fundamental facts about their own biological nature are being hidden from them. You might as well refuse to tell them what species they belong to, or what planet they live on. You are not freeing them from artificial cultural influences by raising them “neutrally.” Rather, you are overriding those influences by imposing a much more artificial, much more confusing, much more damaging one.

It is easy to laugh at self-absorbed, hopelessly trendy, nitwit parents like Nate and Julia. But there is nothing funny happening here. This is psychological child abuse of the most demented kind. They are robbing the children of even the most basic knowledge of their own selves. Knowledge that they need in order to decide where they want to go in life, what they want to do, and who they want to be.

You could have Child Protective Services knocking on your door, especially in low income neighborhoods, if you so much as spank your child. Yet these people are turning their kids into social experiments, hiding essential biological truths from them, depriving them of identity, force feeding them leftist gender theories, and fostering mental disorders in their minds, and rather than a visit from CPS they get a profile on NBC.

It is unthinkable, gross, and evil.

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